Tornado Talk is a dynamic, information packed website devoted to tornado history! The site contains over 500 event summaries. Our team of writers and researchers dive deep into the details about each tornado event describing what happened through damage analysis and story-telling. Get Hooked on Tornado History with Tornado Talk!


Jennifer Narramore

Owner of Tornado Talk, Main Writer, Researcher

Jennifer is a Midwest girl, originally from Beech Grove, Indiana. Her interest in weather came in middle school. She was living in Central Florida at the time and became fascinated with hurricanes and tracked every storm on the tracking charts you get at the grocery store. Jennifer graduated in 1995 with a B.S. in Meteorology from Penn State University. She has been working as a radio broadcast meteorologist for over 20 years. She began her career at the Weather Channel and currently works for The Storm Report Radio Network. Jennifer provides daily forecasts for 70+ cities across the country. She also provides severe weather coverage for a dozen stations including WIBW-Topeka, KMBZ-Kansas City and KNSS-Wichita. Jen Co-Founded Tornado Talk in 2016. It began as a podcast. After 36 episodes, the podcast ended but Jen continued the brand as an in depth website dedicated to tornado history. In 2020, Jen joined the Weather Brains podcast as a panelist.

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Nelson Tucker

Main Writer, Researcher

Hailing from northern Virginia, Nelson has had a fascination with weather since young childhood. He developed a particular interest in wind-based phenomena. Over time this interest has grown greatly, and he has spent much of his life immersing himself in the science and history of volatile weather. Currently, Nelson is a student at Millersville University where he is pursuing a degree in meteorology. He is a lead forecaster in Campus Weather Service (CWS) and a member of Project TILTTING. In his spare time, Nelson enjoys weather photography and timelapsing, researching, mapping, and damage analysis.

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Zachary Reichle

Main Writer, Researcher

Zach grew up in the town of Scottsboro, AL before attending Ball State University in Indiana, where he majored in Geography with concentrations in Meteorological Studies and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), while competing for the university’s swimming and diving team. Zach went on to receive his Master’s Degree and Graduate Certificate in Geography, focussing on GIS at Auburn University. He currently lives and works in Huntsville, AL. Zach’s passion for weather began at a young age while watching The Weather Channel’s Storm Stories. His passion only grew over the years with discovering websites such as NOAA’s National Hurricane Center and Storm Prediction Center. After his direct encounter with the 2011 Super Tornado Outbreak, his passion was solidified. Understanding the need for post-event story telling, Zach enjoys hearing the experiences from those who have survived tornadoes. He also loves diving into tornado statistics and tracking live severe weather events, and will continue to do so for the rest of his life.

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A Special Thanks

There would be no Tornado Talk without Thomas Grazulis.  He has dedicated decades of his life to the pursuit of tornado history.  His Significant Tornadoes books have been one of our biggest assets in capturing these events.  We have also connected with him via social media and he has given us invaluable insight!

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