SPC Stats

Path length: 61.51 miles

Width:  880nyards

Fatalities:  0

Injuries:  4

Rating:  EF2

County:  Macon, Lee (AL) / Harris, Talbot (GA)

This long track tornado was one of 21 that occurred on November 16, 2011. It began in NE Macon County south of Notasulga and moved northeast. About a dozen mobile homes were damaged along County Road 54.  The tornado moved into Lee County and traveled over 30 miles.  There was significant damage in Auburn.   Several houses and mobile homes on the west side of town were damaged by falling trees.  

A female and child were injured in one of those damaged mobile homes.  

The tornado moved across the southern part of the Auburn University Campus.  There was damage to the baseball facility of the high school and to homes nearby.   At Lake Harding, numerous homes and boathouses had damage.  

Throughout its time in Alabama, the tornado damage was consistent with an EF1 rating.  As the tornado crossed state lines into Harris County, GA, the NWS confirmed EF2 damage.  This occurred in the town of Hamilton.  Two homes were completely destroyed and 68 other structures had damage. There was damage to the Harris County School Complex, Harris County 911 and the county animal shelter.  A man and his wife sustained minor injuries in their damaged mobile home.

The tornado ended in the far NW part of Talbot County. 

Storm Data Entry

Macon (AL)

A tornado touched down in northeast Macon County south of Notasulga, east of County Road 81, along County Road 59.  The tornado moved to the northeast, causing extensive tree damage.  Approximately a dozen mobile homes sustained damage along County Road 54, before the tornado crossed into Lee County, south of Hunter Road.

Lee (AL)

A tornado initially touched down in Macon County Alabama and crossed into Lee County approximately 1 mile southwest of Lee Road 3.  It continued its northeastward path causing extensive tree damage across western Lee County.  Dozens of houses and mobile homes on the western side of Auburn were heavily damaged due to falling trees.  Several residences were destroyed.  One female and one child were injured when trees fell on a mobile home.  Significant damage was also noted in the Terrace Acres neighborhood, where homes were heavily damaged from falling trees.  The tornado crossed the southern edge of Auburn University’s campus and caused damage to the baseball facilities at Auburn High School and nearby homes.  The tornado crossed interstate 85 at US highway 280 and continued moving to the northeast toward Lake Harding.  Along the lake, extensive tree damage and damage to numerous homes and boathouses occurred.  Several residences were destroyed or sustained complete roof loss.  The tornado continued into Harris County Georgia (See November Storm Data from WFO Peachtree City).

Harris (GA)

A damage survey conducted by the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Peachtree City, Georgia confirmed that an EF2 tornado caused extensive damage across Harris county.  The tornado first touched down as an EF1 in Macon county, Alabama before moving east into Lee county, Alabama and then into Harris county, Georgia.  The tornado had already caused considerable damage to the town of Auburn, Alabama as an EF1 before it continued into Harris county, Georgia.  As the tornado approached the county seat of Hamilton, it strengthened to an EF2.  The tornado entered Harris county from Alabama at the north end of Lake Harding and tracked across the central part of the county, then moved into extreme northwest Talbot county before lifting, approximately two miles east-northeast of the town of Shiloh on the Harris/Talbot county line.  The tornado had already carved out a path over 33 miles in length across eastern Alabama before it moved into Georgia.  Within Harris county, the tornado path length was approximately 26 miles.  The maximum path width was determined to be 1/2 mile with maximum winds of 125 mph.  The tornado caused considerable damage across Harris county, especially around the county seat of Hamilton.  Two homes were completely destroyed, with 68 other structures suffering minor to moderate damage, including 22 county buildings.  County buildings damaged included the Harris County School Complex, the Harris County 911 Center, the Harris County Animal Shelter, and the agricultural center.  One of the structures heavily damaged was a mobile home, where a man and his wife sustained minor injuries.  Hundreds of trees were snapped or uprooted along the path of the tornado.

Talbot (GA)

A damage survey conducted by the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Peachtree City, Georgia confirmed that the EF1 to EF2 tornado, that first touched down in Macon county Alabama and tracked across all of Harris county, continued into extreme northwest Talbot county before lifting. The tornado tracked on the ground over 33 miles within Alabama, 26 miles within Harris county, and approximately two miles within Talbot county for a total path length of nearly 61 miles.  The tornado decreased to an EF1 before it entered Talbot county and the path width decreased to less than 1/2 mile. Damage within Talbot county was confined to several downed trees and power lines in the far northwest part of the county along Old Shiloh Road.

Tornado Path

SPC coordinates:  Start: 32.5369 / -85.6566      End: 32.830 / -84.66

Used county segments coordinates as well provided by the NCDC

Note:  Exact tornado path may not be straight and/or continuous.

Radar Loops and Damage Photos via NWS Birmingham

0.5 degree reflectivity data from KMXX beginning at 1152 am and ending at 1236 pm as the circulation passed from Macon County, through Lee County and into Georgia

0.5 degree velocity (SRM) data from KMXX beginning at 1152 am and ending at 1236 pm as the circulation passed from Macon County, through Lee County and into Georgia


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