March 21

On This Day: March 21! An F3 tornado near Lumber City, GA in 1888, The highest crest of the Connecticut River occurred in 1936 and Twitter was founded! Get your daily dose of history!

March 20

On This Day: March 20! An F3 tornado hits Camilla, GA in 2003, Great Britain’s strongest wind gust occurred in 1986 and the KFC food chain was founded! Get your daily dose of history!

Pinellas Park, FL F3 Tornado – October 3, 1992

It was Saturday morning, October 3, 1992. Many residents in Pinellas Park were quietly making their way through their Saturday chores or working on home projects. Retired couples were watching their favorite shows in their recliners or playing cards in the front rooms of their mobile homes. Little did they know that unexpected severe thunderstorms were about to erupt across their little corner of west-central Florida. Five tornadoes were produced in the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg area that morning. Two of the twisters caused fatalities. This summary details the strongest and most deadly tornado to occur on this day.


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