Glade Spring, VA EF3 Tornado – April 28, 2011

One of the worst tornadoes in Virginia history tore through the Appalachian Mountains and a thriving country town. At a maximum width of 2,320 yards (1.32 miles), it is by far the widest the state has ever seen and wreaked havoc across a 24-mile path. More than a remarkable meteorological event for the region, this twister reshaped hundreds of lives, particularly in the community of Glade Spring.

Arizona Tornado Outbreak – October 6, 2010

In today’s summary, we look at an outbreak of 11 tornadoes to hit parts of Arizona on October 6, 2010. This was the largest number of tornadoes to hit the state in a single day since records began in 1950. Two of the tornadoes were rated EF-3. 7 people were injured as over 100 homes were damaged or destroyed in Bellemont.