The Immeasurable Cost of the December 10-11, 2021 Tornado Outbreak

In 2021, many of us watched as storms tore apart lives and communities across Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, and Kentucky. After events of this magnitude, images depicting seas of wreckage where homes and businesses once stood can blind us to the true nature of the loss at hand. Ranging from six days to 98 years of age, a total of 92 people lost their lives during the tornado event. They were cherished as friends or family by thousands. This article details the stories of every one of those people, as well as all of the 23 significant tornadoes that formed during this event.

June 25

On This Day: June 25! An F2 tornado struck portions of KY in 1902, three F3 tornadoes in the Netherlands in 1967, and the album Purple Rain was released in 1984! Get your daily dose of history!

June 24

On This Day: June 24! An F2 tornado kills 5 people at a wedding reception in WI in 1914, an F4 at Manchester, SD in 2003, and The Champlain Towers South condo collapses in 2021! Get your daily dose of history!

June 23

On This Day: June 23! A complex combo of tornadoes and microbursts in the Twin Cities area in 1952, an F4 at Coleridge, NE in 2003, and The David Letterman Show debuts! Get your daily dose of history!

June 21

On This Day: June 21! An F4 moved near Perry and Williamstown, KS killing 6 members of one family, an F4 tornado at Wichita, KS in 1948, and an EF2 struck Eagle and Old World, WI in 2010! Get your daily dose of history!

June 19

On This Day: June 19! A significant tornado moved through Somerset and Middlesex Counties in NJ in 1835, Tropical Storm Claudette spawned an EF2 in AL in 2021, and Lou Gehrig was born! Get your daily dose of history!

June 18

On This Day: June 18! The Gothenburg Tornado Family tracked 131 miles from McCook, NE to Arnold in 1975, an EF4 near Alpena, SD in 2014, and Paul McCartney is born! Get your daily dose of history!

June 17

On This Day: June 17! An F5 devastates Grinnell, IA in 1882, an F4 tornado kills five in one family at Onaga, KS in 1915, and an EF3 strikes Coleridge, NE in 2014! Get your daily dose of history!

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