October 14

On This Day: October 14! The only F5 on record in October occurred, flooding from the remnants of Norma & a devastating snowstorm/avalanche in the Nepalese Himalayas! Get your daily dose of history!

October 7

On This Day: October 7! A waterspout spawned by Hurricane Nate in 2017, Widespread damage from a derecho in 2020 & the most lopsided score in US college football history! Get your daily dose of history!

The South Dakota Tornado Outbreak of August 28, 1884

On August 28, 1884, a deadly localized tornado outbreak would unfold across portions of eastern South Dakota. One of these twisters would become the second earliest photographed in history. There are sharp discrepancies over which tornado that day was photographed, and there is no detailed summary of the event in its entirety. In this article, I attempt to solve both of these longstanding unknowns.