Tallulah, LA Across Yazoo City to NE Mississippi Long Track EF4 – April 24, 2010

During the midday hours of April 24, 2010, a destructive long track tornado made a 149 mile journey across 1 parish in Louisiana and 8 Counties in MS. It formed just south of I-20 west of Tallulah in Madish Parish, LA and dissipated 5 miles north of Sturgis, MS in Okitebbah County. Actual time on the ground: 2 hours and 44 minutes.

Hoisington, KS F4 Tornado – April 21, 2001

A tornado given a rating of F4 crossed 5 miles through parts of Barton County, KS. The tornado developed 1 mile SW of Hoisington. It rapidly intensified as it entered the west side of town climbing to F4 intensity within minutes. Per the NWS summary, “while crossing northwest Hoisington, the tornado inflicted a path about 2 miles long and about 2 blocks wide of almost complete destruction.”