Glade, MS F4 Tornado – February 28, 1987

The NWS described this as a “monstrous tornado”. It developed just after 9am CST, 2 miles south of Moselle, MS. It grew rapidly and moved to the northeast at 60 mph. 10 minutes after it formed, the tornado hit the Glade Community, 3 miles SE of Laurel. At this point, the tornado was close to 2 miles wide and was producing F4 damage.

Tuscaloosa, AL F4 Tornado – February 23, 1975

There was heavy damage south of Tuscaloosa, several homes were leveled. In the SE part of the city, significant damage occurred at the intersection of I-59 and McFarland Blvd. A new Scottish Inn Motel was destroyed. 23-year-old housekeeper Thelma Hill was killed when most of the second floor of the motel was sheared away by the tornado causing a wall to fall on her.

Central Florida Tornado Outbreak – February 22-23, 1998

It was deemed “The Night of the Tornadoes” – The most deadly tornado outbreak in Florida history occurred during the nighttime hours of February 22-23, 1998. A total of 7 tornadoes swept through the central parts of the state between 1055pm EST and 230am EST. The tornadoes were unusually strong. 3 of the 7 were rated F3. 42 people were killed and over 260 were injured. 3,000 structures were damaged, 700 destroyed. This summary will look at all 7 tornadoes in the outbreak.