May 31, 1998 PA/NY Tornado Outbreak

A total of 46 tornadoes occurred on May 31, 1998. The focus of this summary will be on the 32 tornadoes that ravaged parts of New York and Pennsylvania. 22 Tornadoes ripped through Pennsylvania, and 10 through New York. The 22 tornadoes on this day in PA is a state record.

Spencer, SD F4 Tornado – May 30, 1998

The Spencer, SD F4 tornado of May 30, 1998 was 1 of 5 tornadoes produced by one supercell that tracked about 30 miles. This destructive tornado had a path length of 14 miles and hit the small town of Spencer (population at the time of 320) destroying most of its 190 buildings. 6 people were killed and 150 were injured. The tornado was estimated to reach a width of a mile.

Chapman, KS EF4 Tornado – May 25, 2016

Per the Storm Prediction Center, 8 tornadoes occurred on May 25, 2016. Half of those were in Kansas from an isolated supercell. The strongest tornado was a long track EF-4. It began north of Niles, KS and traveled for close to 90 minutes finally dissipating just west of the Dickinson and Geary County line. The estimated peak winds = 180 mph.