Canton, IL F3 Tornado – July 23, 1975

Fujita researched this tornado family and the influence that microbursts may have had on them. Per Grazulis, “Professor Fujita’s mapping of the Canton tornado family shows how microbursts and/or other downburst-type winds move the tornado from side to side and may influence its intensity. Microburst m2 might have caused the break in the path. Otherwise the event might have been a single tornado. Microburst m6 might have caused the tornado to intensify. Both deaths were in that area.” (Grazulis, 1178)

Roanoke, IL F4 Tornado – July 13, 2004

An F4 tornado developed rapidly in a highly unstable atmosphere and devastated everything along its 9.6 mile path through Woodford County, IL on July 13, 2004. It began 1.75 miles NNE of Metamora and traveled generally in a southeasterly direction. The tornado reached F4 intensity as it crossed Route 117 and demolished the Parsons Manufacturing Plant.