“Whippoorwill”-Pomona Lake, KS F1 Tornado – June 17, 1978

On the evening of June 17, 1978, a small outbreak of eight tornadoes occurred between the Great Plains and Midwest regions of the United States. The highest-rated twister occurred in Wisconsin at F2 strength, with the remaining seven only inflicting F0-F1 damage in Michigan, Iowa, and Kansas. These statistical values accepted at face value would not suggest the possibility of a historic tragedy having occurred on this day. However, just off the shores of Pomona Lake in the state of Kansas, unlikely circumstances led to one of the most bizarre catastrophes. In its wake, a glorious spectacle lay tarnished, sixteen lives lost, and much more stunned with heartache and confusion.

Sawyer, KS F2 Tornado – November 14, 1964

The SPC Database lists this F2 in Pratt County, KS with a path length at 11.3 miles. Storm Data has a slightly longer length at 15 miles. Unfortunately not a lot of information to be found on this twister. Damage was around the Sawyer area. Could not find any mention of this in the newspapers and this tornado is not a part of Significant Tornadoes by Thomas Grazulis.

Yocemento, KS F3 Tornado – October 16, 1998

A total of 4 tornadoes were confirmed on October 16, 1998: 2 in Nebraska and 2 in Kansas. We look at one of the Kansas twisters. It was the strongest on this day, rated F3. The tornado began in eastern Trego County and quickly made it sway into Ellis County. It traveled northeastward through rural Ellis County before hitting the town of Yocemento.

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