LaPlace, LA F4 Tornado – December 6, 1983

One of the strongest tornadoes to ever hit in Southeastern Louisiana occurred on December 6, 1983. The tornado was rated F4 on the Fujita Scale. This damage was found at the Belle Pointe Subdivision. Several homes had their foundations swept clean. Per Storm Data, the tornado was not given an F5 rating, “because the walls were nailed to the foundation, not bolted.”

Reserve, LA F3 Tornado – August 25, 1992

Andrew pushed across the Florida peninsula and made a secondary landfall on August 26, 1992 WSW of Morgan City, LA. Ahead of this landfall, on the 25th, tornadoes were spawned across parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. The first tornado was also the only killer tornado produced by Andrew and that is the topic of this summary.

The Mississippi Delta Tornadoes

The Mississippi Delta Tornado Outbreak occurred February 21-22, 1971. There was a total of 19 tornadoes across 9 states. 123 people were killed with most of those occurring on the 21st. Nearly 1600 injuries were reported. Three significant tornadoes occurred on the 21st. Two were given an F4 rating and 1 was rated F5.

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