Rochester, MN F5 Tornado – August 21, 1883

At least three significant tornadoes occurred on August 21, 1883. By far the most damaging of the trio and the topic of this summary was a horrific F5 that tore through the Minnesota town of Rochester. Yet from the aftermath of this devastating tragedy, something wonderful would be created – the Mayo Clinic. Check out this premium summary by becoming a member!

Coon Rapids-Blaine, MN F2 Tornado – September 21, 2005

There were 4 tornadoes confirmed on September 21, 2005, all in the state of Minnesota. A series of supercells pushed through the east central part of the state producing not only the tornadoes but large hail, flashing flooding and widespread wind damage. This summary looks at the strongest tornado to occur, an F2 in Anoka County. Along with the tornado, the NWS Twin Cities stated “a rear flank downdraft was also responsible for causing damage in parts of Coon Rapids and Blaine.”

St. Cloud, MN F3 Tornado – September 3, 1980

A total of 9 tornadoes are a part of the SPC Database for September 3, 1980. Four were in Stearns County, MN with the strongest an F3 that skipped from 5 miles SW of St. Cloud, passing through the city and lifting NE of town. There was tremendous damage at Bel Clare Acres. 13 mobile homes were destroyed and there was 1 fatality: A 15-month-old girl.

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