Hazlehurst, MS F4 Tornado – January 23, 1969

A long-track, deadly tornado occurred on January 23, 1969. In his book, “The Tornado: Nature’s Ultimate Windstorm”, Thomas Grazulis notes that the process that brought about using the Fujita Scale to rate tornadoes can be traced to this event. (Grazulis, 2003). This tornado devastated the town of Hazlehurst, MS. It is the deadliest tornado on record (1950-current) in the month of January.

Caledonia, MS EF3 Tornado – January 10, 2008

In the early part of the path, the tornado damaged a home and a couple of sheds. It moved into a neighborhood with new, well-built homes. Five of the homes were severely damaged. Per the survey, some roofs were ripped off, walls were collapsed and a few homes were moved off their foundation. The tornado moved away from this area and onto the Caledonia school complex.

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