Crosstown, MO F4 Tornado – September 22, 2006

Per the September 2006 Storm Data Publication, “On September 22, 2006, the WFO Paducah forecast area was struck by the worst tornado outbreak in its recorded history during the month of September. The first known F3 and F4 tornadoes, as defined by the Fujita Tornado Scale, in the month of September struck Perry County, Missouri and Massac County, Illinois. The combined result of these two tornadoes was about $8 million dollars in damage and eight injuries requiring hospital care.”

Fremont-Van Buren, MO F4 Tornado – May 21, 1957

The month of May in 1957 was very active. Per the NWS Paducah, approximately 231 tornadoes were reported. The Storm Prediction Center shows 18 on May 21. One of the strongest was later rated F4. The town of Fremont, MO was devastated. Per Thomas Grazulis in Significant Tornadoes, “Only seven homes were left in tact in Fremont, with possibly F5 damage to homes, schools, and businesses on the east side of town.”

Ruskin Heights F5 Tornado – May 20, 1957

This F5 is commonly known as the “Ruskin Heights Tornado” because of the tremendous damage inflicted there. It has also been called “The Kansas-Missouri Tornado” and “The Ottawa-Kansas City Tornado”. It developed southwest of Williamsburg, KS, traveled close to 70 miles and ended near Knobtown, MO. This tornado was the strongest of 35 that occurred on May 20, 1957.

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