Fremont, OH F1 (F2?) Tornado – June 30, 1977

This was an interesting event to explore. There is a rating difference. SPC lists a rating of F1 while Grazulis has a rating of F2. I found a newspaper report from The News-Messenger (Fremont, Ohio) with a headline that reads, “It wasn’t a tornado, but it hurt.” So, not only a rating difference but a question at one point on whether this was a tornado at all?

Blue Ash, OH F4 Tornado – April 9, 1999

9 tornadoes were confirmed on April 9, 1999. Most were in Indiana and Ohio but there was an F1 in Spotsylvania County, VA. The strongest tornado for the day is the subject of this summary. It was an F4 that traveled 10 miles through parts of Hamilton and Warren Counties in OH. There were 65 injuries and 4 fatalities reported.

The Xenia, OH F5 Tornado – April 3, 1974

The deadliest tornado of the April 3-4, 1974 outbreak was the F5 that hit Xenia, OH. Per the SPC, it continues to be in the top 10 of costliest tornadoes on record. Per Thomas Grazulis in Significant Tornadoes, “This was the most publicized tornado of the day and perhaps the most well-studied tornado in history, from a wind-engineering perspective.”

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