Cookietown-Walters, OK F3 Tornado – November 17, 1958

34 tornadoes are a part of the SPC Database for November 17, 1958. Most were in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. We look at an Oklahoma tornado from this day in this summary. There is a huge discrepancy in the record on the path length. The SPC Database records a path length of 65.8 miles. The Climatological Data National Summary (CDNS) and Thomas Grazulis in Significant Tornadoes only have a path length of 10 miles. The rest of the stats match.

Cordell, OK F3 Tornado – October 9, 2001

The strongest tornado outbreak in Oklahoma for the month of October occurred on October 9, 2001. Per the NWS Norman, five supercells produce a total of 19 confirmed tornadoes. Three of these were given a rating of F3 and all 3 moved through a part of Washita County. In this summary, we look at F3 number two that hit near Cordell, OK.