Marion, SC F4 (F2?) Tornado – November 7, 1995

On November 7, 1995, an outbreak of 40 tornadoes affected the Southeast. 28 of these tornadoes occurred in the state of South Carolina. This summary looks at what is officially the strongest, an F4 that hit near the town of Marion. The F4 rating is based on a 150-200 pound church bell that was moved 400-yards. Thomas Grazulis in Significant Tornadoes believes this an F2 tornado.

Camden, SC F3 Tornado – September 7, 2004

Per the NHC report, “A total of 101 tornadoes have been reported in association with Frances – 23 in Florida, 7 in Georgia, 45 in South Carolina, 11 in North Carolina, and 15 in Virginia. Many of the tornadoes occurred in an outbreak over South and North Carolina on 7 September.” We look at one of those tornadoes in this summary.

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