SPC Stats

Path length: 6.2 miles

Width:  175 yards

Fatalities:  0

Injuries:  0

Rating:  EF3

County:  Morgan

An outbreak of 39 tornadoes occurred November 29-30, 2016.  There were 3 rated EF3 and we look at one of those that hit parts of Morgan County, AL in this summary.  This tornado traveled just over 6 miles.  It began along Danville Road, just east of the Lawrence County line and ended on the NE side of Herring Road.  

One home had the roof and a large section of a wall blown out along Maddox Road.  A convenience store near Danville Road had significant damage.  The owner’s family took shelter in an interior hallway.  The roof was removed from the Neel Volunteer Fire Department.  

Max intensity was noted by the NWS survey near Boys Ranch Road on the eastern edge of Bogar Loop.  Here, low end EF3 damage with at 140 mph was found.  A home had complete roof loos and a partial wall collapse.  An anchored mobile home was “obliterated” with the content thrown 100+ yards.  A motorcycle report shop was destroyed.  Motorcycles were tossed large distances.  

Storm Data Entry

The tornado first touched down along Danville Road just east of the Lawrence County line.  In this area, trees were snapped and uprooted.  Minor damage was noted to a shed here.  The tornado then moved northeast and strengthened as it crossed the intersection of Maddox Road and Johnson Chapel Road.  Here hardwood trees were snapped near the base and a home suffered significant roof and structural damage.

Along northwest Maddox Road several homes sustained significant structural damage.  One home had the roof and a large section of the wall blown out.  The residents of the home rode the storm out safely in the interior most hallway.  Several power poles were snapped at the base. Damage here was consistent with very high end EF-2 damage.

The tornado once again crossed Danville Road causing structural damage to several buildings including a multi-story home.  Significant roof uplift was noted in this location.  A large industrial garage in this area was also destroyed.  A convenience store nearby suffered damage, and the owner’s family received warning alerts and took shelter in an interior hallway to ride out the storm.

The tornado then approached Neel School Road causing significant damage in and around the Neel Volunteer Fire Department.  The roof was nearly completely taken off the fire department and large metal trusses were bent at this facility.  A nearby large building was obliterated and other well built structure had its roof and supports taken off.

As the tornado moved northeast, it cross Singleton Road impacting more structures.  Several homes sustained structural damage, mainly roof damage.  One very large building was completely destroyed with another sustaining near collapse.  The tornado then reached its maximum intensity as it crossed Boys Ranch Road on the eastern edge of Bogar Loop.

Here a home suffered complete roof loss and partial wall collapse.  An anchored mobile home was obliterated with the contents thrown over 100 yards.  A motor cycle repair shop that included an anchor bolted large shop building was nearly wiped clean with motorcycles thrown or rolled large distances.  An SUV parked here was thrown and then rolled about 75 yards. Damage here was consistent with lower end EF-3 damage at 140 mph.

The tornado then crossed mostly rugged, hilly and rural terrain downing trees as it began to slowly wind down in intensity.  The tornado then once again crossed Danville Road north of McCleskey producing widespread tree damage.  Here very large hardwood trees were snapped near the based and uprooted.  A home here sustained damage to the roof and also damage due to falling trees.  A large shed/outbuilding here was destroyed.  As the tornado crossed Herring Road it produced damage to a roof on a conventional home and also significant roof and structural damage to a mobile home.  On the northeast side of Herring Road minor tree damage was noted as the tornado finally lifted.

Tornado Path

SPC coordinates:  Start: 34.4406 / -87.0913     End: 34.5043 / -87.0147

Note:  Exact tornado path may not be straight and/or continuous.

Damage Photos via NWS Huntsville

Neel, AL: Steel beams from motorcycle repair shop blow downstream approx 300-400 yards into this house.
Anchor bolts from vehicle list system in motorcycle repair shop were displaced.


Newspaper Clippings

Neel, AL Damage, clipped from newspaperarchive.com. Athens News Courier, Athens, Alabama

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