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01aprAll DayCollinston, LA F4 Tornado (1983)

01aprAll DayCoatesville, VA F3 Tornado (1998)

02aprAll DayChoctaw/McCurtain County, OK F5 Tornado (1982)

02aprAll DayThe April 2, 1982 Tornado Outbreak – Overview

02aprAll DayParis, TX F4 Tornado (1982)

02aprAll DayGreensboro, NC F4 Tornado (1936)

03aprAll DayThe Xenia, OH F5 Tornado (1974)

03aprAll Day04The April 3-4, 1974 Super Outbreak – Overview

04aprAll DaySmithfield, AL F5 Tornado (1977)

05aprAll DayWestboro to Northboro F4 Tornado (1954)

05aprAll DayTupelo, MS F5 Tornado (1936)

06aprAll DayGainesville, GA Tornadoes (1936)

06aprAll DayGrayson & Fannin County, TX F3 Tornado (1955)

07aprAll DayGoodlettsville-Gallatin, TN F3 Tornado (2006)

07aprAll DayHamilton & Polk Counties, NE F4 Tornado (1978)

08aprAll DayOak Grove, AL F5 Tornado (1998)

09aprAll DayBlue Ash, OH F4 Tornado (1999)

10aprAll DayThe Wichita Falls F4 “Terrible Tuesday” Tornado

10aprAll DayMurfreesboro, TN EF4 Tornado (2009)

11aprAll DayRussiaville/Alto/Kokomo/Greentown/Marion F4 Tornado (1965)

12aprAll DayAnderson County, KS F4 Tornado (1964)

13aprAll DayGulfport, MS F3 Tornado (1980)

14aprAll DayKanopolis Lake, KS EF4 Tornado (2012)

15aprAll DayFrio County, TX F4 Tornado (1973)

16aprAll DayManila, AR F4 Tornado (1998)

17aprAll DayKankakee Co., IL and NW Indiana F4 Tornado (1963)

18aprAll DayTexas Panhandle F4: Vigo Park to Clarendon to McLean (1970)

19aprAll DayThe Greenwood Arkansas F4 Tornado (1968)

20aprAll DayAda, OK F3 Tornado (1973)

21aprAll DayHoisington, KS F4 Tornado (2001)

21aprAll DayBelvidere, Lake Zurich, and Oak Lawn, IL F4 Tornadoes (1967)

22aprAll DaySt. Louis EF4 Tornado (2011)

23aprAll DayWheelersburg, OH F5 Tornado (1968)

24aprAll DayTallulah, LA Across Yazoo City to NE Mississippi Long Track EF4 (2010)

25aprAll DayLancaster, TX F4 Tornado (1994)

26aprAll DayGroesbeck, TX EF1 Tornado - April 26, 2011

26aprAll DayThe Wichita-Andover, KS F5 Tornado (1991)

27aprAll DayLake Martin, AL EF4 Tornado – April 27, 2011

27aprAll DayThe Smithville, MS EF-5 Tornado (2011)

27aprAll DayHubbertville, AL EF3 Tornado – April 27, 2011

27aprAll DayNewton, MS EF3 Tornado – April 27, 2011

27aprAll DayOxford, MS EF3 Tornado – April 27, 2011

27aprAll DayVaughn-Sunny Side, GA EF3 Tornado – April 27-28, 2011

27aprAll DayBelmont, MS EF2 Tornado – April 27, 2011

27aprAll DayOverview of the Hackleburg-Harvest-Huntland AL-TN Tornadoes of April 27, 2011

27aprAll DayHackleburg (Marion County) AL EF5 Tornado – April 27, 2011

27aprAll DayGreat Smoky Mountains, TN Tornadoes – April 27, 2011

27aprAll DayHalifax County, VA EF2 Tornado – April 27, 2011

27aprAll DayPhil Campbell (Franklin County), AL EF5 Tornado – April 27, 2011

27aprAll DayBlaine, MS EF2 Tornado – April 27, 2011

28aprAll DayGlade Spring, VA EF3 Tornado - April 28, 2011

28aprAll DayRoundtop Ski Resort, PA EF2 Tornado – April 28, 2011

28aprAll DayPharsalia, NY EF2 Tornado - April 28, 2011

28aprAll DayLa Plata, MD F4 Tornado (2002)

28aprAll DayLouisville, MS EF4 Tornado (2014)

28aprAll DaySuffolk, VA EF3 Tornado (2008)

29aprAll DayMannford, OK F4 Tornado (1984)

30aprAll DayWarner Robins, GA F4 Tornado (1953)


01mayAll DayMillerville-Lineville, AL F4 Tornado (1953)

02mayAll DayMajor & Garfield Counties, OK F4 Tornado (1979)

03mayAll DayBridge Creek-Moore F5 Tornado (1999)

03mayAll DayMay 3, 1999: Don’t Forget About Haysville

04mayAll DayGreensburg, KS EF5 Tornado (2007)

04mayAll DayAustin, TX Tornadoes (1922)

04mayAll DayZook-Great Bend, KS F4 Tornado (1950)

05mayAll DayPrague-Sapulpa, OK F5 Tornado (1960)

06mayAll DayValley Mills, TX F5 Tornado (1973)

06mayAll DayThe Frost and Runge, TX F4s (1930)

07mayAll DayHuntingdon, TN F4 Tornado (1971)

08mayAll DayTripp County, SD F5 Tornado (1965)

09mayAll DayTompkinsville to Russell Springs, KY F4 Tornado (1933)

09mayAll DayHarden City-Stonewall, OK F4 Tornado (1959)

10mayAll DayPicher, OK-Neosho, MO EF4 Tornado (2008)

11mayAll DayLubbock, TX F5 Tornado (1970)

11mayAll DayThe Waco Tornado (1953)

12mayAll DayFlint, MI F4 Tornado (1956)

13mayAll DayRaritan, IL F4 Tornado (1995)

14mayAll DayIndianapolis, IN Area F4 Tornado (1972)

15mayAll DayOelwein, IA F5 Tornado (1968)

15mayAll DayCharles City, IA F5 Tornado (1968)

16mayAll DayHarrison County, IA F3 Tornadoes (1999)

17mayAll DayJarrell, TX F3 Tornado (1989)

18mayAll DayOlney, TX F4 Tornado (May 18, 1951)

19mayAll DayLake Thunderbird-Shawnee, OK EF4 Tornado (2013)

20mayAll DayRuskin Heights F5 Tornado (1957)

20mayAll DayThe Newcastle/South Oklahoma City/Moore EF-5 Tornado (2013)

21mayAll DayFremont-Van Buren, MO F4 Tornado (1957)

22mayAll DayPennsylvania Tornadoes (1949)

22mayAll DaySaragosa, TX F4 Tornado (1987)

23mayAll DayWolfe City, TX F3 Tornado (1966)

23mayAll DayA look back at the Woodward, Oklahoma, supercell from May 23rd, 2016

24mayAll DayThe Calumet-El Reno-Piedmont-Guthrie, OK EF5 Tornado (2011)

24mayAll Day25Dodge City and Chapman, KS – May 24/25, 2016

25mayAll DayChapman, KS EF4 Tornado (2016)

25mayAll DayParkersburg-New Hartford, IA EF5 Tornado (2008)

26mayAll DayKeefeton, OK F4 Tornado (1973)

27mayAll DayPedernales Valley, TX F4 Tornado (1997)

27mayAll DayCentral Texas Outbreak (1997)

28mayAll DayNorth Central KY F4 Tornado (1996)

29mayAll DayFort Rice, ND F5 Tornado (1953)

30mayAll DaySpencer, SD F4 Tornado (1998)

31mayAll DayMay 31, 1985 Tornado Outbreak

31mayAll DayPA/NY Tornado Outbreak (1998)


01junAll DaySpringfield, MA EF3 Tornado (2011)

02junAll DayHale Center, TX F4 Tornado (1965)

02junAll DayJune 2, 1998 Tornado Outbreak

03junAll DayReedsville, WV-Crellin, MD F3 Tornado (1980)

04junAll DayColfax, WI F5 Tornado (1958)

05junAll DayWood and Ottawa County, OH EF4 Tornado (2010)

06junAll DayPleasanton, NE F4 Tornado (1956)

07junAll DayYankton-Turner County, SD F4 Tornado (1965)

08junAll DayPampa, TX F4 Tornado (1995)

08junAll DayFlint-Beecher, MI F5 Tornado (1953)

08junAll DayDrumright, OK F4 Tornado (1974)

09junAll DayWorcester, MA F4 Tornado (1953)

10junAll DayEl Dorado, KS F4 Tornado (1958)

11junAll DayManhattan, KS EF4 Tornado (2008)

12junAll DayMussel Fork-Callao, MO F4 Tornado (1970)

13junAll DayTracy, MN F5 Tornado (1968)

14junAll DaySpringfield, IL F4 Tornado (1957)

15junAll DayStratton-McCook, NE F4 Tornado (1990)

16junAll DayChandler, MN F5 Tornado (1992)

16junAll DayThe Pilger, NE Tornado Family (2014)

17junAll DayPilger-Thurston, NE F3 Tornado (1954)

18junAll DayAnkeny-Runnells, IA F4 Tornado (1974)

18junAll DayAnoka-Champlin Tornado (1939)

19junAll DayLawrence, KS F3 Tornado (1981)

20junAll DayFargo, ND F5 Tornado (1957)

21junAll DayLittleton-Ray, IL F3 Tornado (1981)

22junAll DayCoal City-Braidwood, IL EF3 Tornado (2015)

22junAll DayDoe Run-Libertyville, MO F4 Tornado (1969)

23junAll DaySedgwick County, KS F4 Tornado (1969)

23junAll DayAppalachian Outbreak (1944)

23junAll DayShinnston, WV F4 Tornado (1944)

24junAll DayBishop, TX F3 Tornado (1970)

25junAll DaySibley, IA EF4 Tornado (2010)

26junAll DayIron City-Mary’s Chapel F3 Tornado (1994)

27junAll DayCass-Adair County, IA F5 Tornado (1953)

28junAll DayAlgona, IA F3 Tornado (1979)

29junAll DayNew England-Regent-Mott (ND) F4 Tornado (1975)

30junAll DayFremont, OH F1 (F2?) Tornado (1977)


01julAll DayTuttle, ND F4 Tornado (1952)

02julAll DayJacksonville-Hubert, NC F2 Tornado (1986)

03julAll DayAndover, MN F4 Tornado (1983)

04julAll DayElgin, ND F4 Tornado (1978)

05julAll DayGary-Fosston-Clearbrook, MN F2 (F3) Tornado (1978)

06julAll DayMyrtle Beach, SC F2 Tornado (2001)

07julAll DayHendricks-Arco-Marshall, MN F4 Tornado (1955)

08julAll DayDickinson, ND EF3 Tornado (2009)

09julAll DayRushville-New Salem, IN F4 Tornado (1980)

10julAll DayHamden-New Haven, CT F4 Tornado (1989)

11julAll DayLatrobe, PA F3 Tornado (1976)

12julAll DayElma-Lawler-Waucoma, IA F4 Tornado (1971)

13julAll DayLake Gervais, MN F3 Tornado (1890)

13julAll DayRoanoke, IL F4 Tornado (2004)

14julAll DayCampbelltown, PA F3 Tornado (2004)

14julAll DayKendallville, IN F2 Tornado (1992)

15julAll DayOakland-Craig, NE F4 Tornado (1950)

16julAll DayCheyenne, WY F3 Tornado (1979)

17julAll DayVinton, IA EF2 Tornado (2016)

18julAll DayOakfield, WI F5 Tornado (1996)

18julAll DayMarion, ND F4 Tornado (2004)

19julAll DayLima, OH F3 Tornado (1950)

20julAll DayMinneapolis, MN F3 Tornado (1951)

21julAll DayHartly, DE F2 Tornado (1983)

21julAll DayEllisburg, PA F3 Tornado (2003)

21julAll DayKinzua Bridge, PA F1 Tornado (2003)

21julAll DayTeton Wilderness, WY F4 Tornado (1987)

22julAll DaySt. Augusta-Zimmerman, MN F2 (F3) Tornado (1967)

23julAll DayCanton, IL F3 Tornado (1975)

24julAll DayNew Hampshire EF2 Tornado (2008)

25julAll DayGranite Falls, MN F4 Tornado (2000)

26julAll DayScottsbluff, NE F2 Tornado (1993)

27julAll DaySouthwestern Pennsylvania Tornadoes (1936)

27julAll DayLimerick, PA F3 Tornado (1994)

28julAll DaySidney, OH F3 Tornado (1961)

29julAll DayDeer Park, TX F2 Tornado (1971)

30julAll DayBloomer, WI F4 Tornado (1977)

31julAll DayEdmonton, Alberta F4 Tornado (1987)

31julAll DayAshley, ND-Long Lake, SD F3 Tornado (1966)


01augAll DayGroundhog Mountain, VA F1 Tornado (1965)

02augAll DayLake Mendota, WI F3 Tornado (1967)

03augAll DayGlassport, PA F3 Tornado (1963)

04augAll DayLucan, MN F1 Tornado (1958)

05augAll DayKeith Lake, TX F2 Tornado (1964)

06augAll DayPetersburg, VA F4 Tornado (1993)

06augAll DayThe Northwoods Tornado Outbreak (1969)

07augAll DayPalm Beach Gardens-Riviera Beach, FL F1 Tornado (2003)

07augAll DayTyler, ND-Doran, MN EF4 Tornado (2010)

08augAll DayBrooklyn, NY EF2 Tornado (2007)

09augAll DayCincinnati, OH F3 Tornado (1969)

09augAll Day10Central Texas Tornadoes Associated with Hurricane Allen (1980)

10augAll DayLocust Grove, OK EF2 Tornado (2011)

11augAll DaySalt Lake City, UT F2 Tornado (1999)

11augAll DayHigh Uintas Wilderness, UT F3 Tornado (1993)

12augAll DayRyan, IA F4 Tornado (1974)

12augAll DayKendall-New Lisbon, WI F2 Tornado (1985)

13augAll DayYutan-Ashland, NE F4 Tornado (1952)

14augAll DayEast Lansing-Gregory, MI F2 Tornado (1988)

15augAll DayDixon-Joliet, IL F2 Tornado (1958)

16augAll DayLexington-Lake Murray, SC F3 Tornado (1994)

17augAll DaySpartanburg, SC F2 Tornado (1985)

18augAll DayOmaha, NE F3 Tornado (1968)

19augAll DayWilliamsville-Beason, IL EF3 Tornado (2009)

19augAll DayLuzerne County, PA Tornadoes (1890)

20augAll DayWilkes-Barre, PA F3 Tornado (1914)

20augAll DayCleveland, OH F2 Tornado (1962)

21augAll DayLake Mattoon, IL F3 Tornado (1977)

21augAll DayRochester, MN F5 Tornado (1883)

22augAll DayPort Washington, WI F4 Tornado (1964)

23augAll DayDoor County, WI F3 Tornado (1998)

24augAll DayHoward County, IN Tornadoes (2016)

25augAll DayReserve, LA F3 Tornado (1992)

26augAll DayNorthwood, ND Tornado Outbreak (2007)

27augAll DaySan Xavier Mission, AZ F2 Tornado (1964)

28augAll DayPlainfield, IL F5 Tornado (1990)

29augAll DaySouth Memphis, TN F2 Tornado (1978)

30augAll DayTempe, AZ F2 Tornado (1971)

31augAll DayRib Mountain-Wausau, WI F4 (F3?) Tornado (1977)