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01octAll Day“Montfort Heights” (Greater Cincinnati), OH F3 Tornado (1977)

02octAll DayVaughan-Lake Gaston, NC F2 Tornado (1969)

03octAll DayWindsor, CT F4 Tornado – October 3, 1979

04octAll DayWayne, NE EF4 Tornado – October 4, 2013

05octAll DayShawnee-Prague-Paden, OK F4 Tornado (1970)

06octAll DayArizona Tornado Outbreak – October 6, 2010

07octAll DayAsheboro, NC F3? Tornado (1965)

08octAll DayParnell-Grant City-Eagleville, MO F3 Tornado (1958)

09octAll DayCordell, OK F3 Tornado (2001)

10octAll DayColumbus, MS F2 Tornado (1992)

11octAll DayFranklin, IN F3 Tornado (1954)

12octAll DayWinona, OH F3 Tornado (1978)

13octAll DayLittle River County, AR EF2 Tornado (2014)

14octAll DayVirginia Tornadoes of October 14, 1986

14octAll DayBelmond, IA F5 Tornado (1966)

15octAll DayLeonville-Boscoville, LA F3 Tornado (1957)

16octAll DayYocemento, KS F3 Tornado (1998)

17octAll DayScott and Newton County, MS EF3 Tornado (2012)

18octAll DayMontgomery, NJ F3 Tornado (1990)

19octAll DayPalm Beach & Martin County, FL F3 Tornado (1958)

20octAll DayKingfisher & Garfield County, OK F2 Tornado (1963)

21octAll DaySouth Norman, OK EF1 Tornado (2017)

22octAll DayHarrison County, TX F3 (F2?) Tornado (1972)

23octAll DayMaryville, MO F2 Tornado (1934)

24octAll DayColbert and Lawrence Counties, AL F3 Tornado (1967)

25octAll DayLuverne-Troy-Comer, AL F4 Tornado (1925)

26octAll DayHamburg, AR F4 Tornado (1941)

27octAll DayLincoln County, MS F2 Tornado (1980)

28octAll DayBaytown, TX F3 Tornado (1974)

29octAll DayDorrance-Hunter, KS F3 Tornado (1956)

30octAll DayNewport-Woodford, OK F3 Tornado (1979)

31octAll DayCarbondale, KS F1 Tornado (1984)


01novAll DayWebb City, MO F3 Tornado (1922)

02novAll DayNew Smyrna Beach, FL F3 Tornado (1997)

03novAll DayArcadia, LA F3 Tornado (1992)

04novAll DayShamrock-Drumright, OK F4 Tornado (1922)

05novAll DayCelina, OH EF2 Tornado (2017)

06novAll DayEvansville Area F3 Tornado (2005)

07novAll DayOrange, TX F4 Tornado (1957)

08novAll DayStantonsburg-Rocky Mount, NC F3 Tornado (1957)

09novAll DayCedar Grove-Terry, TN F2 Tornado (2002)

10novAll DayVan Wert, OH F4 Tornado (2002)

11novAll DayNaples-Clewiston, FL F2 Tornado (1968)

12novAll DayStratford, IA F3 Tornado (2005)

13novAll DayGlen Park (Gary), IN F2 Tornado (1951)

13novAll DayMason City-Hudson, IL F2 Tornado (1951)

14novAll DayKimball, TN EF2 Tornado (2007)

14novAll DaySawyer, KS F2 Tornado (1964)

14novAll DayFreedom, OK F1 Tornado (1964)

15novAll DayClarkesville, GA F3 Tornado (1989)

15novAll DayScott-Lonoke, AR F2 Tornado (1988)

15novAll DayHuntsville, AL F4 Tornado (1989)

16novAll DaySW Kansas EF3 Tornado (2015)

16novAll DayAuburn, AL-Hamilton, GA EF2 Tornado (2011)

17novAll DayCookietown-Walters, OK F3 Tornado (1958)

17novAll DayWashington, IL EF4 Tornado (2013)

17novAll DayNew Minden, IL EF4 Tornado (2013)

17novAll DayBenton and White County, IN EF2 Tornado (2013)

18novAll DayDallas County, AL F1 Tornado (1957)

18novAll DayChattooga County, GA F2 Tornado (1957)

18novAll DayRalph-Rea Valley, AR F3 Tornado (1985)

19novAll DayBlanchard-Moore, OK F3 Tornado (1973)

20novAll DayNortheast Detroit, MI F3 (F1?) Tornado (1957)

21novAll Day22Brandon/Rankin County, MS F4 Tornado – November 21-22, 1992

21novAll Day23The Widespread November 21-23, 1992 Tornado Outbreak

21novAll DayChannelview, TX F4 Tornado (1992)

22novAll DayCobb and Cherokee Counties, GA F4 Tornado (1992)

22novAll DaySylvarena, MS F4 Tornado (1992)

23novAll DayHillsborough, NC F3 Tornado (1992)

24novAll DayMt. Carmel-Altoona, AL F4 Tornado (2001)

25novAll DayNew Brockton-Clayton, AL F3 Tornado (1986)

26novAll DayHenry County, TN F3 Tornado (2001)

27novAll DayGermantown, TN F3 Tornado (1994)

27novAll DayMagee, MS F3 Tornado (1994)

28novAll DayRaleigh, NC F4 Tornado (1988)

29novAll DayStuarts Draft, VA F2 Tornado (1963)

29novAll DayArley-Helicon, AL EF2 Tornado (2016)

29novAll DayDanville-Neel, AL EF3 Tornado (2016)

30novAll DayRosalie-Ider, AL EF3 Tornado (2016)

30novAll DayOcoee-Benton, TN EF3 Tornado (2016)


01decAll DaySeguin, TX F3 Tornado (1953)

02decAll DayBryant-West Little Rock-Crystal Hill, AR F3 Tornado (1982)

03decAll DayBossier City, LA F4 Tornado (1978)

04decAll DayCentralia, MO F2 Tornado (1956)

04decAll DayBrownsville, SC F2 (F3?) Tornado (1955)

05decAll DayVicksburg, MS F5 Tornado (1953)

06decAll DayLaPlace, LA F4 Tornado (1983)

06decAll DaySelma, AL F3 Tornado (1983)

07decAll DayRiverview, FL F2 Tornado (1996)

08decAll DayPotosi-Hopewell, MO F3 Tornado (1966)

09decAll DayWest Louisville, KY – Tell City, IN F3 Tornado (1952)

10decAll DayFort Walton Beach-Ocean City, FL F2 Tornado (1967)

11decAll DayJacksonville, AL F3 Tornado (1961)

12decAll DayAngelina County, TX F3 Tornado (1928)

13decAll DayNE Houston, TX F3 Tornado (1977)

14decAll DayThe West Memphis, Arkansas Tornado of December 14, 1987

14decAll DayBillings-Springfield-Buffalo, MO F2 Tornado (1971)

15decAll DayBell City-Scott City, MO F2 Tornado (1971)

16decAll DayTuscaloosa, AL F4 Tornado (2000)

17decAll DayThe Tornado of December 17, 1915 In Eastern Mississippi

18decAll DayMurphysboro, IL F4 Tornado (1957)

19decAll DayWaldo-Stephens, AR F4 Tornado (1957)

20decAll DayFlorida City-Homestead, FL F2 Tornado (1973)

21decAll DayViburnum-Potosi, MO F4 Tornado (1967)

22decAll DayPlainville-Calhoun, GA EF3 Tornado (2011)

23decAll DayHolly Springs-Ashland, MS EF4 Tornado (2015)

24decAll DayFranklin-Brentwood, TN F4 Tornado (1988)

25decAll DayMcNeill to McLain, MS EF3 Tornado (2012)

26decAll DaySunnyvale-Garland-Rowlett, TX EF4 Tornado (2015)

27decAll DayHaines City, FL F2 Tornado (1997)

28decAll DayLaurel, MS F3 Tornado (1954)

29decAll DayKosse-Groesbeck, TX F2 Tornado (2006)

30decAll DayOzark-Ft. Rucker, AL F3 Tornado (1973)

31decAll DayByram-Jackson Airport, MS EF2 Tornado (2010)

31decAll DayFort Leonard Wood, MO EF3 Tornado (2010)


01janAll DayNoxubee County, MS EF3 Tornado (2011)

02janAll DayHollonville, GA F3 Tornado (2006)

03janAll DayOwensboro, KY F3 Tornado (2000)

03janAll DaySt. Louis Area F3 Tornado (1950)

04janAll DayLydia-Loreauville, LA F1 Tornado (2007)

05janAll DayCrestview, FL F2 Tornado (1962)

06janAll DayAlexandria, LA F3 Tornado (1951)

07janAll DayAllendale, IL F4 Tornado (1989)

07janAll DayStrafford-Marshfield, MO EF3 Tornado (2008)

08janAll DayPope, Conway, Van Buren County, AR EF2 Tornado (2008)

09janAll DayLaurel, MS F3 Tornado (1972)

10janAll DayMcComb-Pinola, MS F4 Tornado (1975)

10janAll DayCaledonia, MS EF3 Tornado (2008)

11janAll DaySanta Clara County F2 Tornadoes (1951)

12janAll DayJunction City-Lawson, AR F3 Tornado (2005)

13janAll DayBelleville, AL F1 Tornado (2006)

14janAll DayColumbus, TX F1 Tornado (1991)

15janAll DaySumter County, GA F2 Tornado (1971)

16janAll DayDayton, WA F1 Tornado (2000)

17janAll DayJackson, TN F4 Tornado (1999)

18janAll DayCorey, LA F3 Tornado (1973)

19janAll DayLiberty Chapel, MS F4 Tornado (1988)

20janAll DayWaskom, TX-Blanchard, LA EF3 Tornado (2010)

21janAll DayBeebe-McRae, AR F3 Tornado (1999)

22janAll DayClarksville, TN F3 Tornado (1999)

23janAll DayHazlehurst, MS F4 Tornado (1969)

24janAll DaySt. Louis, MO F4 Tornado (1967)

25janAll DayBarwick, GA F2 Tornado (1933)

26janAll DayRandolph County, AL F3 Tornado (1974)

27janAll DayFelton, DE F2 Tornado (1967)

28janAll DayFaulkner-White County, AR F3 Tornado (1956)

29janAll DayThayer-Van Buren, MO F4 Tornado (1947)

30janAll DayAdairsville, GA EF3 Tornado (2013)

31janAll DayBowerton-Georgetown, MS F4 Tornado (1908)


01febAll DayTornadoes in Northern MS – February 1, 1955

02febAll DayMcMullen-Aliceville-Carrollton, AL EF2 Tornado (2016)

03febAll DayFort Stewart, GA EF1 Tornado (2016)

04febAll DayGrenada County, MS F2 Tornado (1971)

05febAll DayArkansas Long-Track EF4 Tornado (2008)

06febAll DayLawrence-Morgan Counties, AL EF4 Tornado (2008)

06febAll DayJackson County, AL EF4 Tornado (2008)

07febAll DayGulf Breeze, FL F3 Tornado (1971)

08febAll DayLeon and Houston Counties, TX F2 Tornado (1935)

09febAll DayMadison County, MS F1 Tornado (1990)

10febAll DayHattiesburg, MS EF4 Tornado (2013)

10febAll DaySt. Louis, MO F4 Tornado (1959)

10febAll DayLone Grove, OK EF4 Tornado (2009)

11febAll DayLa Porte, TX F3 Tornado (1950)

12febAll DayArk-La-Tex Tornadoes of February 12, 1950

13febAll Day14February 13-14, 2000 – SW Georgia Tornadoes

14febAll DayTyler, TX F3 Tornado (1908)

15febAll DayWesson-Pinola, MS EF2 Tornado (2016)

16febAll DayJoppa-Arab, AL F3 Tornado (1995)

17febAll DayCottonton, AL to Roberta, GA EF2 Tornado (2008)

18febAll DayVan Wert County, OH F4 Tornado (1992)

18febAll DayLuthersville to Blantons Mills, GA EF2 Tornado (2009)

19febAll DayAngola, LA F2 Tornado (1954)

20febAll DayOzark-Marshfield, MO F3 Tornado (1937)

21febAll Day22The Mississippi Delta Tornadoes

22febAll Day23Central Florida Tornado Outbreak (1998)

23febAll DayTuscaloosa, AL F4 Tornado (1975)

24febAll DayAlgoma-Pontotoc-Baldwyn, MS F3 Tornado (2001)

25febAll DayLuzerne-Lackawanna Counties, PA EF2 Tornado (2017)

26febAll DayTwo Mississippi Tornado Families (1958)

27febAll DayWhite House-Portland, TN F3 Tornado (1956)

28febAll DayGlade, MS F4 Tornado (1987)