20mayAll DayAlden/Eaton (Weld County, CO)


Start Time: 6:51 pm MDT

End Time:  7:21 pm MDT

Rating:  EF0

Estimated Peak Winds: 83 mph

Path length: 8 miles

Width: 50 yards

Fatalities: 0

Injuries:  0

County:  Weld

State:  Colorado

Start Lat/Lon: 40.42891 / -104.58148

End Lat/Lon: 40.50825-104.67972

This tornado was filmed or photographed numerous times along it’s path, just like tornado #4 which was also longer track.  Tornado #5 was the longest track tornado for this event and we received photos, video, or eye witness accounts for nearly it’s entire path.  In terms of it’s depiction on CHIVO radar, this also had the best radar signatures for the event, both in regards to rotation on velocity products, and dust/dirt on reflectivity products.  The start of the tornado was estimated based on CHIVO radar with an easily trackable signature beginning 6:56 PM just north of WCR 60 1/2.  The tornado may have occurred earlier and further south based on CHIVO radar but we are using a conservative estimate for start time/location.  The first known person to witness this tornado was a spotter on WCR 47, just south of WCR66, at 7:04 PM.  He filmed the tornado not far to his east.   The same spotter photographed/videoed it through 7:09 PM when it was off to his north.  CHIVO radar had this tornado crossing CO-392 at around 7:07 PM.  A different chaser driving south on WCR 43 films the tornado starting at 7:08 PM, and films the tornado continuously until it dissipates at 7:21 PM.  A Weld County emergency management representative films this tornado from WCR 41 south of WCR 74 from 7:14 – 7:17 PM off to the south-southeast.  Two residents film this tornado between 7:14 – 7:17 from different angles, one north of WCR 70 on WCR45, and west of WCR 45 on WCR70.  Finally, a storm chaser captures a photo of this tornado to his southwest, from a hill on WCR 76/47.  The end time and location is precise for this tornado because it was filmed and the location was known.  This tornado went over several farms and managed to damage a older barn near the intersection of WCR72/43.  Damage consisted of a wall blown over from an outbuilding, consistent with EF-0 damage and a Degree of Damage of 3.



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