20mayAll DayAlden/Lucerne (Weld County, CO) #1


Start Time: 6:45 pm MDT

End Time:  6:56 pm MDT

Rating:  EF0

Estimated Peak Winds:  75 mph

Path length: 4 miles

Width: 50 yards

Fatalities: 0

Injuries:  0

County:  Weld

State:  Colorado

Start Lat/Lon: 40.45208 / -104.60377

End Lat/Lon: 40.49302-104.65793

This tornado was filmed by a farmer in her tractor, most likely the very start of the tornado. The start time and location is precise given the ground circulation formed less than 100 yds in front of a farmer in her tractor. At the end of the video she didn’t see any more dust but CHIVO radar indicates a tornado continuing to the NNW of her, in the direction and speed of motion such that it is likely the same circulation despite a lack of dust right at the surface. A tornado was photographed a matter of minutes later by a storm chaser on CO-392 at the right location/time based on average movement of the tornadoes that day. It struck an irrigation pivot and twisted it, consistent with EF-0 damage. This tornado was also witnessed by the farmer’s husband on another part of their farm. The tornado moved northwest along the surface boundary and was videoed at 6:52 PM as being just north of CO-392. The same chaser captured simultaneous tornadoes at 6:52: this one and tornado #4 which was 2 miles south of CO-392 at the time. Yet another photograph taken from east of Loveland on top of a hill shows two tornadoes 15 miles away to the east-northeast, separated by 2-4 miles, at exactly 6:54 PM. That was this tornado and tornado #4. CHIVO radar has it dissipating around 6:56 PM around the intersection of WCR 43/70. Dissipation time and location are approximate based on radar.


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