24junAll DayBaton Rouge (East Baton Rouge Parish, LA)


Start Time: 4:50 am CDT

End Time: 4:53 am CDT

Rating:  EF1

Estimated Peak Winds: 110 mph

Path length: 3.5 mile

Width: 100 yards

Fatalities: 0

Injuries:  0

County:  East Baton Rouge

State:  Louisiana

Start Lat/Lon: 30.4049 / -91.1009

End Lat/Lon: 30.4391 / -91.0510

A NWS survey conducted in Baton Rouge verified a tornado with a path length of 3.5 miles and peak intensity of 110 mph EF-1. The tornado first touched down near Essen Park Avenue, just south of Interstate 12 near Essen Lane. It produced minor roof damage to the Fairfield Inn, snapped a few smaller trees and knocked down a light pole. The tornado rapidly intensified, producing significantly more damage just moments later. As the tornado reached two Ammon Staffing buildings, it downed fencing, peeled the northern side metal roofing off, and blew out a window on the east side of the building. Of the two buildings, the western one was damaged the most. More than half its flat roof was ripped off or collapsed. There was a partial collapse of the southwest exterior wall on the second story. It is suspected that a large limb or some other object hit that corner of the building, which could have aided in the lifting of the roof. No roof straps were seen during the survey. The tornado also damaged the roof of a building just to the east of Ammon Staffing Buildings. Only the center section of the roof was removed and the rafters actually remained intact. Based on the overall damage of these 3 buildings, a peak wind speed of 110 mph was given at this point which was the strongest point of the tornado’s track. These winds carried over into those building’s parking lot to carry debris and, based on tire slide marks, may have pushed a vehicle through a chain linked fence to the interstate onramp. The tornado then crossed Interstate 12. On the north side of the interstate, it downed smaller trees, ripped off some vinyl siding and damaged the roof slightly. The tornado continued northeastward, downing several large trees and powerlines along Essen Heights Ct. The tornado then moved through Westminster, downing multiple trees across several streets. As the tornado passed over Westminster Elementary School, it damaged the school sign and ripped skirting off modular classrooms. The strength of the tornado would generally only weaken from this point onward. Tree damage persisted along a path through the I-12 and Airline Highway intersection. Minor commercial building window damage was noted near the Costco. The last few points of damage were just east-northeast of this location through Cedarcrest Avenue and finally Old Hammond Highway just east of Sherwood Blvd.


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