05febAll DayBay Springs/Enterprise/Toomsuba (Jasper/Clarke/Lauderdale Counties, MS)


Start Time:  10:51 pm CST

End Time: 11:57 pm CST

Rating:  EF2

Estimated Peak Winds: 125 mph

Path length: 60.05 miles

Width: 1320 yards

Fatalities:  0

Injuries: 0

County: Jasper, Clarke, Lauderdale

State:  Mississippi

Start Lat/Lon: 31.9406 / -89.2971

End Lat/Lon: 32.3928 / -88.4244

This long track tornado affected the counties of Jasper, Clarke and Lauderdale.  This tornado began in Jasper County south of Bay Springs along County Road 9, where it snapped several softwood trees and some minor peeling of the tin roof of a home also occurred.  It progressed northeast and crossed MS Highway 15 where it snapped a few softwood trees. 

As the tornado moved northeast to County Road 17, it began to ramp up in intensity as it caused a fire tower to bend and pulled the cement foundation several feet out of the ground.  Additionally, it destroyed a nearby trailer, a nearby barn and caused some minor damage to the roof of a one-story home.

The tornado continued its northeastward track crossing County Road 5282 and caused some minor roof damage to a few chicken houses and snapped some softwood trees. Multiple softwood and hardwood trees were snapped and uprooted and a wooden power pole was snapped as it crossed County Road 528.  Some of the aforementioned trees fell on top of cars.

The tornado continued to snap and uproot numerous softwood trees as it moved northeast crossing County Roads 2339, 23411 and 23. The tornado then crossed County Road 279 snapping and uprooting several softwood trees, and causing extensive tin roof damage and structural damage to ten chicken houses located just off of County Road 279 south of Piney Creek.  Numerous snapped softwood trees were noted at the intersection of County Roads 279 and 5286.  As it moved east northeast to the intersection of County Roads 279 and 27, it continued to snap softwood trees and also caused some minor peeling of tin roofs of nearby chicken houses.

As the tornado crossed County Road 1816, the snapping of several softwood trees resulted in some of the trees taking down power poles. The tornado then crossed US Highway 503 north of Paulding, MS snapping multiple softwood trees. Thereafter, it moved across County Road 31 continuing its snapping and uprooting of softwood trees, as well as destroying an outdoor metal shed. The snapping and uprooting of softwood trees continued as it crossed US Highway 18, and then moved into Clarke County resulting in multiple snapped and uprooted trees, severely damaging a carport and causing damage to portions of a one-story home along US Highway 513.

As the tornado neared Enterprise, it continued to snap and uproot numerous softwood trees thus causing them to fall onto cars and take down several power poles along County Road 360 and US Highway 11.  Along US Highway 11 North, as the tornado neared Lauderdale County, it took off a large section of a one-story home.  Furthermore, it snapped numerous softwood and hardwood trees as well as peeled off the metal roof of an outdoor hay shed along County Roads 377 and 379. 

The tornado then moved northeast into Lauderdale County and resulted in multiple snapped and uprooted softwood trees at Thomas Road, Valley Road and US Highway 145.  It then moved east northeast across US Highway 45 snapping several small softwood trees, thus showing a bit of a decline in intensity.  When the tornado reached Southeast Lauderdale High School, it caused minor awning damage to portions of the school.  It continued to snap and uproot several softwood and a few hardwood trees as it progressed northeast to US Highway 19 South and US Highway 496.  When it reached Johnson Loop Road, a few miles west of the Alabama state line, only a few uprooted and snapped softwood trees were noted and thus, this is where it also dissipated.


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