13marAll DayBoles Acres (Otero County NM)


Start Time:  3:15 pm MDT

End Time: 3:25 pm MDT

Rating:  EF0

Estimated Peak Winds: 79 mph

Path length: 0.58 miles

Width: 50 yards (listed in feet, converted to yards)

Fatalities: 0

Injuries: 0

County: Otero

State:  New Mexico

Start Lat/Lon: 32.8220 / -105.9581

End Lat/Lon: 32.8306 / -105.9566

Eye-witness accounts, from two residents located on both ends of the damage track, provided visual evidence of the occurrence of a tornado. In addition, a video was taken of tornado formation just upstream of the damage area. The community impacted is bounded by open desert to the south and north with little to no access. Thus the event could have been of somewhat longer duration and track length, but no evidence was obtainable to support that. The community is only 0.80 miles wide along the damage track and there was damage at both ends as the storm entered the community on the south and exited to the north.

Most of the damage was light and superficial to the homes impacted. At least six homes sustained damage, mainly associated with their roofs. The damage appeared to be a combination of tornado and straight-line winds. A toppled mature pine tree and tossed pergola indicated rotation in the damage pattern. A resident who witnessed most of the short-lived  event reported seeing a funnel pass over his neighbor’s home and then touch down in mesquite covered open ground beside his home.  He indicated the circulation was no bigger than his home.

The tornado likely lifted and then touched back down on the north end of the community where it did its most significant damage to a home. It removed the homes back porch, lifted a large section of  the roof, and spread the debris in a 120 degree swath downwind. This home owner watched the tornado approach and pass from his workshop, about 50 ft separated from the home. An anemometer at this home, on a post 4.5 ft off the ground, registered a 61 mph wind gust at the time of the damage.


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