06julAll DayCaswell Beach (Brunswick County, NC)


Start Time:  2:57 pm EDT

End Time:  2:58 pm EDT

Rating:  EF0

Estimated Peak Winds:  65 mph

Path length:  0.1 miles

Width:  25 yards

Fatalities: 0

Injuries:  0

County:  Brunswick

State:  North Carolina

Start Lat/Lon:  33.8989 / -78.0638

End Lat/Lon:  33.8995 / -78.0655

A waterspout developed just off the coast of Caswell Beach and tracked west-northwest. It moved onshore nearly parallel to the beach, between the Oak Island Golf Club and the Caswell Beach Public Beach Access. A beach umbrella was lofted across Caswell Beach Road before the funnel lifted.rects previous tornado report from 5 NNW Valle to change the date of occurrence from 7/24 to 7/23.  Landspout tornado repoted by the general public and confirmed with video.  Location is rough estimate.


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