08julAll DayDalton/Ashby (Grant/Otter Tail Counties, MN)


Start Time:  5:08 pm CDT

End Time:  5:39 pm CDT

Rating:  EF4

Estimated Peak Winds:  170 mph

Path length:  9 miles

Width:  650 yards

Fatalities: 1

Injuries:  2

County:  Grant, Otter Tail

State:  Minnesota

Start Lat/Lon:  46.09525 / -95.94205

End Lat/Lon:  46.17784 / -95.81200

A rapidly developing supercell thunderstorm produced a long lived and deadly tornado that originally touched down in far northern Grant County MN, as a weak tornado /EF0-EF1/, but then quickly intensified into a strong to violent tornado as it crossed into southern Otter Tail County, near MP70 on Interstate-94. The tornado intensified as a strong tornado /EF2-EF3/ as it moved northeastward through southwestern St. Olaf Township and crossed Beebe Lake. It likely reached maximum EF3 intensity after it crossed Highway 82 and as it destroyed a machine shop and yard on the downwind side. It then continued in a northeast direction and reached both maximum width and intensity as it moved into and across a rural homestead along 120th Street and into Blacken Lake. The tornado continued in a northeast direction producing mainly tree and cropland damages as it crossed CR117, north of Kvam Church. Video imagery and deep ground scour indicate that the tornado maintained its intensity as a strong to violent tornado even as it narrowed and eventually began to rope out, near 325th Avenue, between 145th street and CR12. The storm that produced this tornado continued eastward across southern Otter Tail County and may have produced one or more additional but brief tornadoes along its path. Of particular note, a well built machine shop of fairly new construction and was complete swept from its foundation and destroyed downwind, with one fatality and one injury there. At one homestead, a well built two-story house was completely swept from its foundation and decimated in a widespread and distant debris field. Two injuries occurred here as a couple shelter in the basement and debris, including a vehicle, dropped into the exposed basement.


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