17junAll DayDamascus (Clackamas County, OR)


Start Time: 6:28 pm PDT

End Time: 6:39 pm PDT

Rating:  EF0

Estimated Peak Winds:  75 mph

Path length:  2.05 mile

Width:  600 yards

Fatalities: 0

Injuries:  0

County:  Clackamas

State:  Oregon

Start Lat/Lon: 45.4100 / -122.4700

End Lat/Lon:  45.4180 / -122.4280

Start and end times above are approximate and are estimated from a combination of radar data, and timestamps on videos from several members of the public who captured the event.

The only discernible damage was to numerous trees, mostly small and medium size branches. There were 5 trees (all pine or poplar) noted that were either snapped off, or uprooted. The most significant property damage was noted near Royer Road in Damascus, where a large poplar tree was uprooted from very wet soil. This tree subsequently landed on parked vehicles, significantly damaging three of them. Otherwise, no structural damage to homes, roofs, windows, or outbuildings was observed.

The National Weather Service in Portland would also like to sincerely thank the many members of the public who shared video and pictures of this tornado; and also the several residents who shared their stories and experiences with us today on the damage survey. All of this information was very helpful in documenting this event.

 Finally, a graphic with a damage map and other pertinent information as outlined above should be available by 330 PM PDT Sunday via the NWS Portland webpage and social media accounts.


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