28aprAll DayDeQueen Lake (McCurtain County, OK/Sevier County, AR)


Start Time: 10:20 pm CDT

End Time:  10:40 pm CDT

Rating:  EF2

Estimated Peak Winds:  125 mph

Path length: 20.13 miles

Width:  350 yards

Fatalities: 0

Injuries:  0

County:  McCurtain, Sevier

State:  Oklahoma, Arkansas

Start Lat/Lon: 34.1955 / -94.5133

End Lat/Lon: 34.0404 / -94.2328

The tornado began in a heavily wooded area along Union Valley Rd, snapping and uprooting numerous trees. It moved south-southeast, tossing two barges over 100 yards and lifting a large portion of the roof deck of a home, causing it to collapse. It continued along its path, completely destroying a single-wide manufactured home. The base frame of the home was twisted and tossed 100 yds to the east. Further to the south, another home sustained significant roof and structural damage when large gas tanks were tossed into it. The tornado snapped numerous trees along Cascade Creek Rd. and along Wyr 20000 Rd, as well as removing roofing material from another home on Union Valley Rd. before lifting. 

The tornado touched down again as it crossed into Sevier County, snapping and uprooting approximately 100 trees along Kellum Rd.  The tornado continued to intermittently touch down several times as it moved through the county. It touched down along Bellah Mine Rd just as it crossed DeQueen Lake and then did more damage along Story Creek Rd and DeQueen Lake Rd. Damage included minor metal roof damage to a garage of a home and mostly snapped and uprooted trees. The damage swath broadened as the tornado approached US Route 71. It then crossed Crosstrails Rd, damaging the roofs of two chicken houses while uprooting and snapping approximately 50 additional trees. The tornado continued on to cross US 59 where it snapped trees, rolled and destroyed a single-wide mobile home and partially damaged the roof of a farm building. The tornado snapped approximately 10 more trees before lifting. Tornado surveyed damage in Sevier County, Arkansas estimated that the strongest winds were EF-1 up to 105 mph. Additional observed damage downstream from this point was associated with straight-line winds. 

A special thanks goes out to McCurtain County and Sevier County emergency management for their assistance in locating damage during the surveys of this damage path.


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