13aprAll DayEstill (Hampton County, SC)


Start Time: 6:10 am EDT 

End Time:  Unknown

Rating:  EF4

Estimated Peak Winds: 175 mph

Path length: 24.04 miles

Width: 1300 yards

Fatalities:  5

Injuries:  60

County:  Hampton

State:  South Carolina

Start Lat/Lon: 32.7034 / -81.2896

End Lat/Lon: 32.829 / -80.9092

Update for upgrade to EF-4 rating: Upon further review of data gathered during the damage survey, and consultation with subject matter experts, the Hampton County tornado has been upgraded to an EF-4. The most intense damage occurred along Lento Road where the roof and all of the exterior and interior walls of a two story home were removed and dispersed across the yard. This has been added to the survey summary below. 

This unusually long track and wide tornado damaged and destroyed many residences, including mobile and single family homes. In addition, the tornado, which reached a maximum width of about 0.75 mile, caused extensive damage to trees and powerlines along its path, which stretched more than 24 miles from southwest of Estill, to near the Colleton County line. The most significant structural damage occurred just south of Estill and across Nixville. At least six residences were destroyed in the hardest hit areas, but there were many others that sustained various levels of damage along the entire path. The tornado strengthened shortly after crossing Highway 321 south of Estill with EF-2 to EF-3 damage done to residences along Sprayfield Road and Lena Expressway. The tornado reached peak intensity (EF-4) along Lento Road where the roof and all of the exterior and interior walls of a two story home were removed and dispersed across the yard. The tornado then began a weakening trend. Tragically, five people lost their lives in the hardest hit areas just south of Estill and in Nixville. The damage pattern suggested that this tornado may have consisted of multiple vortices, which can occur with stronger tornadoes.


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