31marAll DayEufaula (Barbour County, AL/Quitman County, GA)


Start Time: 11:34 am CDT 

End Time: 1:18 pm EDT 

Rating:  EF2

Estimated Peak Winds:  130 mph

Path length:  30 miles

Width:  350 yards

Fatalities:  0

Injuries: 1

County:  Barbour (AL), Quitman, Randolph (GA)

State:  Alabama, Georgia

Start Lat/Lon: 31.8016 / -85.2636

End Lat/Lon: 31.8649 / -84.7588

From NWS BirminghamThe tornado formed in a wooded area west of Lee Parker Lane, just  north of Highway 131 and to the northeast of Baker Hill. It moved northeastward downing trees and causing minor roof damage to two residences along Five Mile Road and removing the roof from an outbuilding. It continued to snap numerous trees as it moved through a wooded area. It crossed Highway 131 near Leroy Road where two residences and a mobile home suffered minor damage as the tornado turned eastward. The tornado intensified as it crossed Highway 431, with the most significant damage occurring in the Country Club of Alabama neighborhood along the south side of Pebble Beach Drive. Large sections of roofs were removed from a few well built residences with collapse of some exterior walls. The tornado crossed the Walter F. George Reservoir along the Chattahoochee River and continued into Quitman County in Georgia.

From NWS Tallahassee: The tornado moved across the Chattahoochee River from Alabama and crossed into Georgia along Deer Point Rd. Trees were snapped and a home suffered roof damage along the river. The tornado continued moving east northeast just to the south of Deer Point Rd snapping and uprooting dozens of trees along its path. A home had an outbuilding completely destroyed and a barn was destroyed as well. The tornado continued further into Quitman County eventually crossing HWY 82 where several trees were downed including one that crushed a mobile home. A man in the mobile home was transported to the hospital with injuries of unknown severity. 

Damage, consisting of snapped and uprooted trees continued to the east northeast through eastern Quitman County into Randolph County.  The last accessible damage was along HWY 27 six miles north of Cuthbert where a few dozen pine trees were snapped and other trees were uprooted.  The tornado continued into inaccessible areas further east at this point.

The NWS in Tallahassee expresses their thanks to Quitman County Emergency Management who gathered the data used in this assessment.  We’d also like to thank NWS Birmingham for their help connecting this tornado to the track in Barbour County AL.

Photographs above of damage to the golf course from Steven MacLeroy.  He posted this on the Tornado Talk Discord server and gave us permission to use. 


Public Information Statement – NWS Birmingham

Public Information Statement – NWS Tallahassee

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