31janAll DayEverglades (Monroe County, FL)


Start Time:  10:35 pm EST

End Time:  10:43 pm EST

Rating: Unknown

Estimated Peak Winds: 80

Path length: 4.7 miles

Width: Unknown

Fatalities:  0

Injuries: 0

County: Monroe

State:  Florida

Start Lat/Lon: 25.464 / -81.123

End Lat/Lon: 25.516 / -81.075

The forward-propagating component of a quasi-linear convective system (QLCS) advanced onshore along the southwest Florida coast during the late-evening hours of Friday, January 31,2020.  Embedded mesovortices intermittently strengthened while this activity moved onshore from the Gulf waters, particularly along the component of the line that exhibited more appreciable line-normal deep-layer and low-level shear.  One of the stronger and tighter circulations over Mainland Monroe County of South Florida was accompanied by a well-defined Tornadic Debris Signature (TDS).  This signature was characterized by a relative minimum in correlation coefficient per KAMX radar data, and corresponded with an embedded inflection in the zone of enhanced reflectivity accompanying the QLCS that also aligned with a well- defined mesovortex.

This TDS occurred over the Everglades, and was used as the foundation for this tornado report. The lack of conclusively surveyed damage indicators precludes the delineation of an exact damage rating.  As a result, an unknown rating has been assigned to this tornado. However, the application of established research results on the aforementioned radar data — which provides statistical estimates of tornado probabilities and wind speeds based on WSR-88D data and environmental information — suggests that this tornado was a high-end EF0, with peak wind speeds around 80 mph.


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