13aprAll DayForsyth (Monroe County, GA)


Start Time: 2:40 am EDT 

End Time: 2:47 am EDT 

Rating:  EF3

Estimated Peak Winds: 140 mph

Path length: 5.3 miles

Width: 300 yards

Fatalities: 0

Injuries:  1

County:  Monroe

State:  Georgia

Start Lat/Lon: 33.0298 / -84.033

End Lat/Lon: 33.0729 / -83.9576

This tornado is a regeneration from the same storm which caused the Upson County EF3 tornado to the southwest. This tornado first touched down along Potts Cemetery Road downing a few trees continuing NE crossing HW 41 and Ingram Rd snapping and uprooting a few trees.  This portion of the track was rated EF0. The tornado wound up quickly NE of Hwy 41 into an EF3 as it approached Goodwyne/Collier Rd. A large 100’x150′ metal building and small home were completely destroyed. The metal frame and 3’x3’x3′ concrete footers for the building were all pulled from the ground with the building and twisted amongst the wreckage leaving holes in the ground around the concrete slab.  Several cars were flipped and thrown including a jeep which was thrown onto the small home which sat next to the metal building.  The homeowner was inside his home in the bathroom sheltering and survived under the a large pile of debris from both the house and building. Rescue operations took 45 minutes to get to the homeowner under the debris. A small plane was destroyed, a mid size tractor was flipped over and a boat was thrown from the tornado at this location.  High end EF1/EF2 Tree damage occurred in the area to the surrounding and to the NE of the building. As the Tornado continued NE along Collier Rd, numerous trees were snapped and uprooted including a large tree onto a home near Collier and Smith Rd. The tornado crossed Interstate 75 near mile marker 188 throwing numerous trees onto the highway shutting it down for a period of time until they were cleared. By this point, the tornado intensity decreased to EF0/EF1 and continued NE crossing English Rd downing trees and eventually Hwy 42 before weakening. NWS Radar imagery suggests debris was lofted to as high as 19kft from this particular tornado.


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