13aprAll DayFrizzellburg (Carroll County, MD)


Start Time: 1:47pm EDT 

End Time:  1:48pm EDT 

Rating:  EF1

Estimated Peak Winds: 90 mph

Path length: 0.4 miles

Width: 75 yards

Fatalities:  0

Injuries:  0

County:  Carroll

State:  Maryland

Start Lat/Lon: 39.6087 / -77.0850

End Lat/Lon: 39.6103 / -77.0782

A brief EF1 tornado touched down in the 2000 block of Leeward Drive between Westminster and Taneytown in rural Carroll County, Maryland during the early afternoon hours of Monday, April 13th, 2020.

A line of severe thunderstorms tracked across northern Maryland and southern Pennsylvania roughly between noon and 3:00 PM EDT.  The tornado developed on the north end of a small surge in the line over northwestern Carroll County. Directly under this radar signature was a path of concentrated and convergent tree damage spanning no wider than 75 yards and less than half a mile in length. A resident in the path of the tornado witnessed a funnel cloud approaching immediately before the damage occurred.

Damage was first evident on the ground on the property of a residence on the west side of Leeward Drive (about a quarter to half mile south of MD-832 Old Taneytown Road). Many large and healthy softwood (pine) trees were snapped, and several small trees were pushed over. The trees fell towards each other in a convergent manner indicating a rotating vortex in contact with the ground. A house on the property sustained substantial damage, particularly to the garage — both bay doors were pushed inwards and the garage itself was shifted slightly from the foundation. Multiple shingles and pieces of the roof were blown off of the home. A large recreational vehicle at the residence was pushed over and appears to have been lofted briefly (for a few feet) given the fact it was sideways and facing the opposite direction from its initial position.

The tornado crossed Leeward Drive, toppling several more trees and causing shingle and siding damage at a second residence. No further damage was evident by the time the path reached MD-832 Old Taneytown Road.

The damage to the homes (shingle and siding removal, garage displacement) and trees (healthy softwood trees snapped) as well as the displacement of the large recreational vehicle, coupled with the magnitude of velocity and height of debris signatures on radar are consistent with a tornado rated EF1 with peak winds of about 90 MPH.

The National Weather Service thanks Carroll County’s Office of Emergency Management and area residents for their reports and assistance in confirming this tornado.


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