28augAll DayGrayson (Winston County, AL)


Start Time:  4:02 pm CDT

End Time:  4:18 pm CDT

Rating:  EF1

Estimated Peak Winds:  105 mph

Path length:  8.75 miles

Width:  325 yards

Fatalities:  0

Injuries:  0

County:  Winston

State:  Alabama

Start Lat/Lon:  34.2030 / -87.4283

End Lat/Lon:  34.2670 / -87.2974

The tornado developed in a wooded, uninhabited area east of County Road 195 and moved northeast, crossing County Road 6 near Sandy Creek where it caused minor timber damage. The tornado caused minor damage to the roof of a chicken house just off of County Road 415. The tornado continued northeast where it approached Highway 33 west of Moreland. The tornado caused notable timber damage as it crossed Highway 33 then it continues northeast. The tornado moved across County Road 3163 where it removed sheathing from under a manufactured home, destroyed a small outbuilding, and removed portions of siding and sheathing from a manufactured home. The tornado then crossed County Road 63 or Cheatam Road where it removed a portion of the roof from a manufactured home, damaged two garage doors, and blew out a window of a outdoor storage building. A small portion of this structure suffered some minor exterior wall relocation from the slab but it was found that the wall was anchored by nailing to the concrete slab. The tornado continued northeast before dissipating in wooded, uninhabited terrain near Collier Creek.


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