20mayAll DayGreeley (Weld County, CO)


Start Time: 6:38 pm MDT

End Time:  6:42 pm MDT

Rating:  EF0

Estimated Peak Winds:  75 mph

Path length: 0.9 miles

Width: 50 yards

Fatalities: 0

Injuries:  0

County:  Weld

State:  Colorado

Start Lat/Lon: 40.42058 / -104.59636

End Lat/Lon: 40.43293 / -104.59636

This short lived landspout tornado was caught on video by a storm spotter from a location at Weld County Roads (WCR) 74/43 and it was quite a ways away from the spotter in the video. The location and path were  approximated based on video and a dust/dirt detection and weak rotation from CSU’s CHIVO radar at the time of the video.  No other known video or photos exist of the tornado and no damage reported.  It may be the same circulation as one of the tornadoes south of Weld County 66 but it is possible the dust dissipated for a bit before picking back up on the farm where the farmer in a tractor videoed it in front of her (tornado #3). CHIVO radar tracks the circulation over the farm just south of Weld Co 66 at 6:44 PM. Video from the storm chaser at 74/43 showed it either dissipating or impossible to see from his vantage point right around 6:43 PM.  EF rating based on other tornadoes that day.


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