02julAll DayHemingford (Dawes County, NE)


Start Time: 5:26 pm MDT

End Time: 5:35 pm MDT

Rating:  EF2

Estimated Peak Winds:  105-115 mph

Path length:  3.4 miles

Width:  275 yards

Fatalities: 0

Injuries:  0

County:  Dawes

State:  Nebraska

Start Lat/Lon: 42.4406 / -103.1873

End Lat/Lon: 42.456 / -103.2494

A supercell thunderstorm began to rapidly intensify near the town of Crawford, Nebraska, around 3:00 PM MDT on 2 July 2020. The long lived storm then moved slowly southeast for the next several hours, producing golf ball sized hail 8 miles southeast of Crawford at 4:20 PM MDT. The storm continued to drift in a general southeasterly direction, with rotation intensifying as it neared the community of Marsland, Nebraska. Personal accounts indicate the storm produced up to baseball sized hail several miles to the east northeast of Marsland. Multiple storm chasers and members of the general public observed and photographed a tornado which touched down around 5:26 PM MDT about 5.8 miles east of Marsland, or about 10.1 miles northwest of Hemingford, Nebraska. Video perspectives indicate the tornado initially moved to the west, in the opposite direction of the parent storm. The tornado was observed to drift across open land near several farmsteads for several minutes. The tornado became wider and more defined during this time. It then crossed an area where several used tractor tires weighing over 100 pounds were being used as feeders for livestock. One of these tires was found several hundred yards to the north alongside other damage, indicating the tornado began to make a slight turn to the northwest. Near the point of where the tire was found, a large (2 foot diameter) cottonwood tree was uprooted with numerous large branches snapped and strewn to the northwest along the path of the tornado. Further to the northwest, multiple 1 to 2 foot diameter tree trunks were snapped along with numerous 6+ inch diameter branches near treetop. The trees were primarily cottonwoods, alongside some Ash and Boxelders. As the tornado continued northwest toward River Road, a center pivot was severely mangled with 3 steel power poles bent at the base along River Road. Eyewitness accounts indicate the tornado dissipated just north of River Road around 5:35 PM MDT, about 2.8 miles east northeast of Marsland or 12.9 miles Northwest of Hemingford. The damage indicators are consistent with maximum wind speeds up to 115 MPH, which rates this tornado as an EF-2 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. The tornado tracked for approximately 3.4 miles with a maximum width of around 275 yards.


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