19aprAll DayHurricane Creek/Pine Burr/Purvis/Camp Shelby (Walthall/Marion/Lamar/Forrest/Perry Counties, MS)


Start Time: 7:10 pm CDT 

End Time:  8:19 pm CDT 

Rating:  EF4

Estimated Peak Winds: 170 mph

Path length: 54.2 miles

Width: 2200 yards

Fatalities: 1

Injuries:  1

County:  Walthall, Marion, Lamar, Forrest, Perry

State:  Mississippi

Start Lat/Lon: 31.0716 / -89.9644

End Lat/Lon: 31.2338 / -89.0792

Note:  Width listed as 1.25 miles, converted to yards

This violent tornado began over southeastern Walthall County in a field just west of Reagan Road and moved east northeastward along MS Highway 48, producing significant tree damage and minor damage to a few homes. It crossed into Marion County near the intersection of MS Highway 48 and Mt Bethel Road.  The tornado then began to move more northeastward as it moved into southwestern Marion County, uprooting and snapping several softwood trees, causing minor roof damage to a home, and destroying an outdoor small shed along New Hope Road. It also snapped several trees and peeled the tin roof of a barn along A Pittman, Marks and Davis Roads. The tornado intensified relatively quickly once it moved northeast, snapping the majority of trees close to the ground in a wooded area east of New Hope Road. The basis for the low-end EF4 rating was a home on Johnson Road that was completely destroyed with its debris pushed to a corner of the foundation leaving residual vinyl flooring and a few of its anchor bolts bent. Furthermore, across the street from the aforementioned home, in a field a few of the snapped trees sustained patchy debarking. A higher rating was not assigned because the contents of the home were not spread a significant distance from the foundation and debris remained over a part of the slab. Nonetheless, significant damage to the home and nearby trees occurred. In addition, multiple wooden power poles were snapped, several other homes had significant roof damage and multiple mobile homes were completely destroyed, resulting in one fatality. Continual uprooting and snapping of trees was observed at Hurricane Creek Road, in addition to minor roof damage to a shed and a one-story home. When the tornado crossed Hurricane Creek Church Road, it caused significant roof damage to the Hurricane Creek Baptist Church and the nearby pastor s home.  Behind the pastor s home was a large 40-foot shed that sat partially on cinder blocks and partially on a slab that was bolted down. This shed was completely destroyed as it was blown a few feet away. Several headstones in a cemetery were knocked over at this location as well. Additional roof damage to multiple homes and the uprooting and snapping of numerous trees along Hurricane Creek Road to the intersection of MS Highway 35. When the tornado reached MS Highway 35, it snapped multiple wooden power-poles and continued snapping trees. It continued east-northeast to Old MS Highway 35 causing numerous snapping of hardwood trees and the removal of a portion of a one-story home roof. The tornado continued moving east-northeast across the Pearl River bottom, when it reached MS Highway 43, multiple wooden power-poles were snapped, some minor roof damage occurred to some one-story homes and hardwood trees were snapped. Just east of MS Highway 43 along Joe Magee Road, a brick home sustained significant damage as the roof was completely destroyed and a few exterior walls were collapsed. A swath of snapped softwood trees was noted along Abrams Road thus producing EF2 damage.

Once the tornado reached MS Highway 13 and surrounding streets such as Pine Burr Road and Firetower Road near the Marion and Lamar county borders, a slight decline in strength was noted, though its path remained wide. Although, it was still snapping large tree limbs and snapping and uprooting some softwood trees, several of which fell onto wooden power poles and caused them to fall. The tornado maintained its east northeastward track, knocking thousands of trees down along with numerous power lines and poles down across the western portions of Lamar County. This tree damage was consistent with high end EF1 winds peaking between 100-110 mph. Around a dozen homes were damaged starting from Luther Saucier Rd to Purvis to Columbia Road, including one old mobile home that was completely destroyed. As the tornado continued to track east northeastward to the north of Purvis. It crossed Purvis Oloh Road, MS Highway 589 along with US 11. Hundreds of trees were damaged along with many power lines down.  Some minor damage occurred to some homes. The tornado was slightly weaker here with winds between 90- 100mph. The tornado crossed I-59 into Forrest County along Ford and Elks Lodge Road in the Dixie community. Hundreds of trees were damaged along with many power lines down. Sheds and several homes had minor damage and one mobile home had the roof blown off. The tornado then crossed US 49 a couple miles north of Southgate Road. The tornado proceeded into Camp Shelby. At Camp Shelby, there were widespread snapped and uprooted trees. Multiple structures across the north half, in and around Lee Avenue to Glenn Walker Lake, had varying degrees of minor to moderate roof damage from the tornado or fallen trees. The park and camper area on the north end of the lake was impacted. One person was injured here as a large tree fell on a truck. The tornado then crossed over US 98 just west of the Perry County line. It continued into Perry County along the Leaf River bottom, snapping and uprooting trees. It continued to track just south of Old River Road before dissipating along Old River Road 3 miles northwest of New Augusta.


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