15mayAll DayKeefton (Muskogee County, OK)


Start Time: 9:38 am CDT

End Time: 9:49 am CDT

Rating:  EF1

Estimated Peak Winds: 100-110 mph

Path length: 4.8 miles

Width: 525 yards

Fatalities: 0

Injuries:  0

County: Muskogee

State:  Oklahoma

Start Lat/Lon: 35.6112 / -95.3503

End Lat/Lon: 35.6092 / -95.2655

This tornado developed along Elm Grove Road, west of S 25th Street E, where outbuildings were damaged and trees were uprooted. It moved eastward damaging or destroying about sixteen homes, destroying a number of outbuildings, uprooting numerous trees, and snapping numerous power poles until it dissipated just east of the Muskogee Turnpike.


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