11janAll DayKershaw (Kershaw County, SC)


Start Time:  10:33 pm EST

End Time: Unknown

Rating:  EF2

Estimated Peak Winds: 130 mph

Path length: 0.56 miles

Width: 150 yards

Fatalities:  0

Injuries: 0

County: Kershaw

State:  South Carolina

Start Lat/Lon: 34.4293 / -80.5303

End Lat/Lon: 34.4346 / -80.523

Considerable damage occurred to North-Central High School in Kershaw County as a result of an EF-2 tornado with maximum wind speeds of 130 mph. The tornado began near the intersection of Lockhart Rd and Keys Ln, then traveled northeast across the campus of North-Central High School before lifting approximately a half mile later beyond the parking lot on the northeast side of the school. The tornado snapped numerous pine trees at the beginning of the track, then partially collapsed concrete stadium bleachers and a press box. The tornado continued across the gymnasium lifting all of the HVAC units off the roof. The tornado then lifted most of the roof off of the main office and an older auditorium, then collapsed the exterior wall along a portion of the west side of the building.

The tornado then moved into the parking lot on the north side of the building where it moved 4 school buses, and resulted in broken windows and other damages to 25-30 parked school buses. The tornado then destroyed a small building just beyond the parking lot before lifting.  Strong inflow into the tornado also snapped numerous pine trees south of the baseball field, collapsed 2 large light stands near the baseball field, and lifted and displaced a conex shipping container approximately 50 yards. The tornado path length was about 0.50 miles and the path width was about 150 yards.


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