23aprAll DayMcComb (Amite/Pike County, MS)


Start Time: 3:07 am CDT 

End Time: 3:28 am CDT

Rating:  EF2

Estimated Peak Winds: 130 mph

Path length: 18.3 miles

Width:  1760 yards

Fatalities: 0

Injuries:  0

County:  Amite, Pike

State:  Mississippi

Start Lat/Lon: 31.2047 / -90.7432

End Lat/Lon: 31.2705 / -90.4460

Note:  Path width listed as 1 mile, converted to yards

The tornado track has been extended both farther to the WSW and the NE based on additional survey information. The tornado touched down in a forested area east of Hwy 569 and the start point is an approximation due to inaccessibility. It moved east-northeastward and quickly strengthened. By the time it reached Clark Rd, it was snapping or uprooting most trees near the center of its path. It turned slightly more northeastward as it approached Shaw Rd and was strongest as it crossed Wells Rd. On Wells Rd it tore most of the roof structure off of a single family home and also completely destroyed a 60×40 metal building bolted to a concrete slab. Also in this area, nearly every tree near the center of the path was snapped. This damage is consistent with maximum winds of around 130 mph. It was also widest in this area, reaching a maximum width of 1 mile. It continued travelling east northeast snapping and uprooting trees along its path. Then it crossed into Pike County just south of the intersection of Slay Rd with County Line Rd. As it continued moving east-northeast it snapped and uprooted numerous hard and soft wood trees, some of which caused damage to homes as they fell. After briefly contracting to around one half mile in width as it neared and crossed the county line, it widened again to around one mile in width as it approached McComb and crossed I-55. On both sides of the interstate, damage was primarily to trees, with several trees snapped or uprooted along the path. Again, falling trees caused some structural damage to homes. After crossing Marion Ave between Christine Dr and Stewart St, it turned more northeastward and weakened a bit, causing far fewer trees to be snapped or uprooted along the remainder of its path. It lifted just northeast of Summit-Holmsville Rd, before reaching Buck Circle.


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