13marAll DayMentone (Reeves/Loving Counties, TX)


Start Time:  7:53 pm CDT 

End Time: 8:02 pm CDT 

Rating:  Unknown Rating

Estimated Peak Winds:  Unknown

Path length:  12 miles

Width:  Unknown

Fatalities:  0

Injuries:  0

County:  Reeves, Loving

State:  Texas

Start Lat/Lon: 31.70507 / -103.73869

End Lat/Lon: 31.79381 / -103.54849

Note: The coordinates were not provided by the NWS. We estimated the lat/lon based on the start and end locations given in the Public Information Statement.

Significant damage occurred at the 285 HWY RV Park located in northeast Reeves County.  While spotters and the public provided visual evidence that a tornado did occur in the area, it was determined by the NWS survey team that damage at the RV park was the result of rear-flank downdraft winds – a straight-line wind event.  Due to the significant damage at the RV park, the survey team established wind speeds of 100-130 miles per hour.  This was based on damage to trailers, outbuildings, vehicles, and other structures.  These types of wind speeds, especially the stronger wind speeds, would be on par with damage produced by a strong EF2 tornado.  Due to poor road networks, the damage survey team was unable to locate damage directly caused by the tornado.  Photos provided by the public and emergency management suggest that the tornado was significant, however due to a lack of damage indicators, the team was unable to determine a path and intensity.  Thus, the tornado will be rated a EF unknown.


Public Information Statement

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