30augAll DayMiller (Hand County, SD)


Start Time:  6:03 pm CDT

End Time:  6:10 pm CDT

Rating:  EF2

Estimated Peak Winds:  120 mph

Path length:  1.1 miles

Width:  120 yards

Fatalities:  1

Injuries:  0

County:  Hand

State:  South Dakota

Start Lat/Lon:  44.7090 / -98.9868

End Lat/Lon:  44.7195 / -98.9998

The tornado initially touched down in pasture land east of SD HWY 45 damaging a tree grove and fence line. It continued to track north northwest for roughly one half mile before it turned west and crossed SD HWY 45 just south of 184th ST. A southbound RV pulling an enclosed trailer was struck. The trailer detached from the RV and the RV was lofted and rolled roughly 200 yards into a corn field on the west side of SD HWY 45. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene. The tornado track continued west through the corn field. Corn was completely flattened in some areas with a distinct convergent pattern noted. Additional drone and video footage is still being analyzed. Details will continue to be adjusted.


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