19marAll DayMulberry Canyon 2 (Taylor County, TX)


Start Time:  1:17 am CDT 

End Time: 1:17 am CDT 

Rating:  EF2

Estimated Peak Winds:  135 mph

Path length: 0.5 miles

Width:  425 yards

Fatalities:  0

Injuries:  0

County: Taylor

State:  Texas

Start Lat/Lon: 32.3777 / -100.0667

End Lat/Lon:  32.3777 / -100.0667

This tornado snapped large Oak Tree trunks, scoured the ground, shredded a large Cedar Tree Trunk, and even removed some bark from some of the trees. It damaged the roof of a nearby home.  It’s possible that Mulberry 1 and Mulberry 2 tornadoes are one track.  After additional survey, we may prove this.  We also received report of damage to a wind turbine and power lines in nearby Nolan County, but we’ll need more details to include in this report.

Note: The damage in Nolan has been classified as an EF-2 tornado per a March 31 PNS, however nothing on if the two Mulberry Canyon tornadoes were the same


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