25aprAll DayNew Middleton (Wilson/Smith Counties, TN)


Start Time: 4:45 pm CDT

End Time: 4:52 pm CDT

Rating:  EF1

Estimated Peak Winds: 90 mph

Path length:  3.81 miles

Width: 100 yards

Fatalities: 0

Injuries:  3

County:  Wilson, Smith

State:  Tennessee

Start Lat/Lon: 36.1659 / -86.1293

End Lat/Lon: 36.1815 / -86.0646

The tornado quickly spun up to EF-1 near Bell Road in far eastern Wilson County where several trees were downed as well as roof and siding damage to a two story house. The tornado traveled northeast and hit another house off of Bluebird Road causing mostly roof damage. The driveway to this house had almost their entire tree line lining the driveway shredded with tree limbs/debris. The tornado then crossed Interstate 40 where an 18 wheeler was flipped on its side causing a traffic accident where 3 injuries were reported. Additional damage was observed on North Commerce Road and Dawson Lane where mostly trees were damaged as well as a few roofs and a trampoline in a neighborhood just as you crossed into Smith County. From there, minor tree damage was once again observed on Opossum Hollow Road along with a destroyed outbuilding. In addition, this is where a lumber/mill yard received damage and was also hit by the EF-3 tornado on March 3, 2020. From there, it became very difficult to determine if this tornado maintained any intensity at all as it had weakened considerably to an EF-0 and crossed into the remnants of the EF-3 March 3, 2020 tornado path, so that is where we believe the tornado ended; just beyond Grant Highway.


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