28aprAll DayOakville (Plaquemines Parish, LA)


Start Time: 8:52 pm CDT

End Time:  8:55 pm CDT

Rating:  EF0

Estimated Peak Winds:  80 mph

Path length: 1.4 miles

Width:  150 yards

Fatalities: 0

Injuries:  0

Parish:  Plaquemines

State:  Louisiana

Start Lat/Lon: 29.7838 / -90.0088

End Lat/Lon: 29.7838 / -90.0089

The tornado was first observed in a grove of trees along the hurricane protection levee just south of Captain Larry Lane. Minor tree branch damage was observed in this area. The tornado quickly moved to the east-northeast and impacted a restaurant at the intersection of Captain Larry Lane and Belle Chasse Highway. A metal building system had some awning damaged and a metal and tin structure attached to the restaurant that was used for outdoor cooking was completely destroyed. This metal and tin structure was thrown about 50 yards to the south-southeast into power lines. A power pole was broken due to this impact, but surrounding damage did not support a higher rating than an EF-0. The tornado then crossed Belle Chasse Highway where it produced minor siding and fascia damage to a two story home. Debris from the restaurant across the highway was lofted into a tree in front of the home. The debris was moving in a north-northeast direction when it was lofted into the tree based on how the debris was twisted around the branches. A metal sign used by a railroad track running along the highway was also twisted and bent to the north-northeast in this area. Further to the east, a softwood pine had large branches removed and thrown to the north-northeast. A double wide mobile home had some fascia removed and minor damage to a screened in porch attached to the home. The owner also reported the bed of a pickup truck by the house had been impaled by a piece of wood. This was verified by a photograph. A  single wide mobile home in the area had a metal roof and most of the siding removed. The debris was thrown to the north-northeast and to the west. The tornado then crossed the Mississippi River and produced damage to a carport attached to a home, some sheds, and trees along Highway 23 in the Greenwood area. This was the end of the tornado track due due to lack of access as the tornado moved into open Marshland.


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