10augAll DayOttawa (Lasalle County, IL)


Start Time:  2:59 pm CDT

End Time:  3:01 pm CDT

Rating:  EF1

Estimated Peak Winds:  100 mph

Path length:  0.75 miles

Width:  150 yards

Fatalities:  0

Injuries:  0

County:  Lasalle

State:  Illinois

Start Lat/Lon:  41.3534 / -88.8448

End Lat/Lon:  41.3523 / -88.8275

The tornado started south of Marquette street west of Michigan street and progressed eastward. The tornado impacted several businesses ripping off well-anchored roofing material and snapping a power pole at its base. It was here that the max intensity of the tornado was reached with peak winds of around 100 mph. The tornado then continued eastward ripping shingles off roofs of buildings and houses just west of Route 23 and shredding trees. The tornado is believed to have lifted in an inaccessible forested area east of the Fox river. Eye witnesses indicated the tornado may have had multiple vortices with clear rising and rotating motion of debris.


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