04augAll DaySandtown (Kent County, DE)


Start Time:  8:25 am EDT

End Time:  8:28 am EDT

Rating:  EF1

Estimated Peak Winds:  100 mph

Path length: 2.6 miles

Width:  200 yards

Fatalities:  0

Injuries:  0

County:  Kent

State:  Delaware

Start Lat/Lon:  39.01 / -75.69

End Lat/Lon:  39.04 / -75.73

The tornado touched down in the vicinity of Road 258 south of Sandtown Road, then tracked across a section of mostly open fields but damaged some trees along the way. It then tracked down the western portion of Sandtown Road closer to Route 10 damaging several homes and snapping and uprooting several trees. A home had some windows blown out along with roof damage, another home had its roof blown off and there was a large garage that had its back sheet metal wall torn off. The tornado crossed Route 10 near the intersection with Sandtown Road and moved across the Sandtown Landfill facility where additional trees were uprooted or snapped, two front-end loaders had windows blown out and some truck trailers were flipped over. The tornado exited the landfill and may have dissipated before reaching the Maryland-Delaware state line. Doppler radar data showed rotation and a notable tornado debris signature near and just northwest of Sandtown as debris was tossed into the air. The National Weather Service extends thanks to the staff at the Country Cupboard store in Sandtown, Kent County Emergency Management and 911 Center staff for their assistance with this survey.


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