28aprAll DaySardis Lake (Pushmataha County, OK)


Start Time: 9:02 pm CDT

End Time:  9:19 pm CDT

Rating:  EF1

Estimated Peak Winds:  90-100 mph

Path length: 5.2 miles

Width:  550 yards

Fatalities: 0

Injuries:  0

County:  Pushmataha

State:  Oklahoma

Start Lat/Lon: 34.6228 / -95.3822

End Lat/Lon: 34.6740 / -95.3176

This tornado developed over the hilly terrain south of Sardis Lake. It uprooted trees and blew down power poles as it crossed the E 1660 Road and then Highway 43, south of the lake. The tornado moved across the eastern portion of the lake, and came back onto land near the E 1625 Road, where trees were uprooted and large limbs were snapped. The tornado crossed Highway 2, where trees were uprooted, and then it dissipated, just south of the Latimer County Line.


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