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The Calumet-El Reno-Piedmont-Guthrie, OK EF5 Tornado (2011)

fri24mayAll DayThe Calumet-El Reno-Piedmont-Guthrie, OK EF5 Tornado (2011)

Event Details

Photo provided courtesy of Jon Haverfield

One of the most powerful tornadoes in known history occurred during the May 24, 2011 outbreak. This extraordinarily violent twister took nine lives over a 65-mile path. Yet, even with all the accompanying tragedy, this was also a nearly unrivaled success story in terms of public preparedness. The many damage feats caused and the behavior of this event are both historic. In this summary, we cover every aspect of the maelstrom in as much detail as possible and bring light to the amazing stories that accompanied it. Main writer Nelson Tucker poured his heart and soul into a series of summaries about this event! This is a complete overhaul of the summary we previously had written. Click the link to go to the FREE Overview page of this event.  The two detailed summaries about this event are under our membership plan.  Become a a member here!

Detailed Summary

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